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Fun Classic Board Games to Play With Friends & Strangers


Games are fun but, every now and again, you will get fed up with the fact that most of them are a single-player experience. In a world moving towards greater alienation, we need something to bring us closer together and truly enjoy each other’s company. I love quiet evenings at home with family and friends, spent in conversation and exchange of ideas. Still, a few games can spice things up and truly help us connect with one another.

Find the best board games to prevent boredom in the family

Family board games are a particular favorite of mine. They are an instant boredom killer and really help lift up the mood – no matter the situation. Of course, resorting to the same old classics can get a bit dull. This is why I always make an effort to do my research and find new games for my family and friends to play. It takes a bit of time but it is all well worth it. You wouldn’t believe what I’ve dug up during the last few years, especially since I started using my smartphone as the main source of ideas. I always mix up classic games for Android or iOS as well as obscure titles to make the evening at home extra fun. They’re particularly great if you have new people over for drinks – or if you want to connect with fresh faces online.

Use multiplayer games to meet new people & get rid of loneliness

Interestingly enough, more than a few board games have helped me make new friends. The fun does now have to be limited to your family home. By picking online multiplayer games, you can connect with some pretty interesting individuals from across the globe. This helps, especially if you live in a remote area and don’t have enough opportunities to get in touch with folks outside of your community. Some apps have a neat chat function that allows you to communicate while you play. Share your passion and use classic games to meet people. It may sound crazy but it works.

Play some retro classics if you miss the golden age of gaming

Regardless of whether you choose to play virtual board games with your family or want to use the platform to connect with new friends, you will likely find yourself in the world of retro gaming. Nothing will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling like reliving your childhood with great retro games like Monopoly. It can be such a nice trip down memory lane. I am the sort of person who is always on the lookout for such little gems but will also take on a brand new game – if it strikes my fancy. While on the hunt, I found this interesting selection of apps.

Classic Board Games to Play With & Meet New People

It’s a mix of retro games as well as some more recent titles. One of them was a revelation for me and has become a favorite with my family. You can give them a try and see if any will help you bring new friends into your life.


In a day and age when we are growing ever more distant, classic board games are a great way to reconnect with friends and family – and even meet new people. In their virtual form, they can be played anywhere – either with those close to you or, in the case of multiplayer apps, with total strangers. I’ve managed to connect with some pretty interesting individuals this way. I urge you to give this form of fun a try and see how your levels of life satisfaction will improve. Win a few rounds, get in touch with new faces, and see how the dopamine starts pumping.

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