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Delta Exchange or Deribit or BitMEX? Crypto Derivatives Exchanges Compared

The crypto derivative platforms have unarguably played a huge role in the dramatic growth of crypto investment market, with two platforms in particular Bitmex and Deribit playing an anchoring role. These two platforms left no stone unturned in capitalizing on their early entry into the derivative industry and eventually became dominant players in the market. However, since last year these two players have started losing their aura as investors are increasingly flocking towards new emerging platforms for availing better trading experience. But one platform in particular has emerged as a major challenger and is widely credited for raising the bar of the crypto derivatives industry.

Today the name Delta Exchange may not be all that famous but there cannot be any denying that this not-so-popular platform is giving existing market leaders a real headache. Why and how this became possible can be brought forth by drawing a simple comparison between Delta and its immediate rivals – Bitmex and Deribit. This comparison essentially will make clear how Delta fares in compared to its rivals and which factors may give it a decisive edge in the impending supremacy battle that awaits the crypto investment world.

Like Bitmex and Deribit, Delta Exchange also offers popular derivative contracts like futures and perpetual contracts for Bitcoin and other leading altcoins like link Futures. Investors can trade derivative contracts on popular and high valued altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Atom, Tezos, Enjin, MATIC and others. Delta has equally made sure that all these altcoins and bitcoin trading on its platform are highly leveraged products. Therefore, just like on Bitmex and Deribit, investors can easily take long & short positions on their investment on Delta Exchange as well.  The platform currently offers maximum 100X leverage on bitcoin and 20x leverage on all the leading altcoins.

Delta Exchange is equally on par with its main rivals when it comes to the critical aspect of liquidity. The platform till date holds unscathed record in maintaining deep books and tight spread 24/7 and 365 days. This flawless record has obviously helped investors to trade in various derivative contracts on their preferred cryptocurrencies at their own convenience. This convenience enabled by deep liquidity equally offers investors all the freedom to take either long or short positions on their investments.

When it comes to safety and security, Delta once again finds itself on equal terms with competitors. Thanks to superior risk management enabled by features like multi-sig wallets, the platform till date has not faced even a minor security glitch. And in all probability, it will never face one and this probability is conspicuously reflected in the deep trust that today millions of investors have reposed on this platform. 

The one factor where Delta sort of holds a decisive edge over its nearest competitors is ‘ease of trade.’ Delta Exchange has actually eased online trading on its platform and made ‘ease of trade’ a reality. Nowhere is this more visible than on Delta’s main trading terminal that is replete with a simple and uncluttered interface, allowing even a relatively inexperienced trader to confidently trade in various contracts after spending merely a few hours on the terminal. This confidence is being partly aided and made possible by features like ‘mock trading,’ which is actually a sort of exclusive feature of this platform. Exclusive because Bitmex and Deribit don’t offer such convenient features that prove to be of great help to inexperienced investors and once again underscores the importance that Delta attaches to its ‘ease of trade’ philosophy. Mock trading is indeed a great feature given that it works exactly like the main terminal and therefore gives hands down knowledge to newcomers about derivative contract trading.

Delta Exchange is also well ahead of its rivals on the critical front of customer support. The platform currently offers email support/Telegram channel support and they also have a trollbox where the customer support is really active. Its response rate and promptness in resolving the queries is far better than the competitors. The platform believes that customer support is an integral part of its ease-of-trade philosophy and therefore takes prompt resolution of customer’s queries and problems very seriously. Delta’s customers facing any major problem on the issues of liquidation, deposit and another issue can raise the ticket by mailing their complaints to [email protected].

On the ending note, we would like to shed some light on Delta’s special referral program, which is again a unique program as Bitmex and Deribit don’t run such promotional schemes. But before giving any further details about Delta’s referral program, it is important to amplify that the platform enjoys an unscathed record on providing timely referral commissions to its investors.

The commission paid, by the way, is 15% to the referrers on every successful referral for the first year and 10% for a lifetime. This commission is paid in whatever cryptocurrency the trading fees were deposited by the concerned referred person.

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