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FAWS – The Real Time Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

FAWS - The Real Time Cryptocurrency News Aggregator

The overload of information around all things blockchain and crypto have reached astounding levels in the past few years. Separating the wheat from the chaff is an increasingly difficult task considering the number of sources reporting on such a newly developed industry. In order to simplify the process of keeping up with the developments in the space, many people tend to rely on apps or news aggregators that provide them with alerts regarding the happening in the crypto-verse.

What pain points do news aggregators target?

Having a strong foundation of knowledge about all things crypto and blockchain is essential to make sense of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry. Crypto investors observe a need to be constantly in touch and stay updated about occurrences taking place within the industry.

Traders no longer need to rely on a mere two to five mainstream media sources that may leave a scope for market manipulation. For example, the Indian stock markets observed a loss of 12.5 Lakh Crores in the month of September alone, where news and press releases hitting the web on right time played a major role in effecting the sentiments of traders.  

Since the blockchain industry moves at such a rapid pace, the news being disseminated about these happenings must keep up. With a multitude of news sources and media outlets to choose from, finding a reliable news aggregator becomes a necessity in order to get a complete picture. This is precisely where FAWS comes into play.

What can FAWS do for traders and investors?

FAWS being a personalised news aggregator makes it possible for investors to stay in touch with and assess the impact of news on markets world over. Incomplete information about how price speculations impact the market can be disastrous for crypto-investors. FAWS provides traders with up-to-date cutting edge statistics and information about the ongoings within the cryptosphere.

With the use of real-time notifications, traders are able to make the most of the news and assess the impact of fluctuations in the market. With the crypto market being quite volatile, receiving timely updates can mean the difference between gains and losses and FAWS ensures that investors and traders remain on the up and up about every event.

Apart from just receiving news, individuals that frequent FAWS are also privy to analysis and press releases that are tailored according to the watch list that the user chooses to customise according to their needs and preferences. Users are also able to set alerts that will provide them timely notifications about any movement in the price of a cryptocurrency of their interest. FAWS also provides its users live price information about cryptocurrencies coupled with price alerts.

FAWS’ layman-friendly user interface

The website’s interface is quite navigable for newbies that might not be accustomed to news aggregators. The column on the left features categories such as news, coins, portfolios, alerts, sources and notifications. Once logged in, users are able to follow cryptocurrencies that they are most interested in and set up their portfolios and alerts, thus engineering the amount of coverage certain news topics receive.


FAWS in one of the most groundbreaking news aggregators, allowing investors and traders alike to capitalise on the updates that they receive from it. With a multitude of features that are accessible to users from all backgrounds, FAWS is a one-stop-shop for the latest news, prices and information related to the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry.

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