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In the highly-competitive worldwide marketplace in which brand recognition is critical, it is increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter and reach your customers. Advertising can be expensive, social media takes intensive amounts of time and energy to execute properly, and the impact of these marketing devices cannot always be measured in the sales funnel.

I’d like to offer a free solution that will give your brand instant recognition, create a one-to-one relationships with your customers, help reduce marketing costs, and increase your bottom line:  the Element Zero Network “EZO” Stablecoin.  

The best way to understand the value of the EZO coin and the Element Zero Next-Generation Payment System is to understand stablecoins as a whole, because they are not created equal.  Stablecoins currently in circulation in the marketplace are based on three methodologies which impact their value. The first type of stablecoin is one that is backed by assets including fiat currencies or gold.  Think of these much like paper money as their value will be driven by market fluctuations and inflation.

The second type of stablecoin’s value is tied to a fund of many cryptocoins, so stability is tied to the aggregate value of these coins in the market.  And the value of the third type of coins is based on an algorithm that expands and contracts the coin supply based on market behavior.

If you take a good look at these three methods on which coins are currently based, you can see that each is subject to market and asset volatility, which creates risk. They are also centralized assets, which means that other entities, such as governments, control the value of the coins.

Given that crash course on the current stablecoins in circulation, it will be easier to explain what Element Zero Network is introducing into the marketplace this year, and why it’s good for your business.  We’ve developed a fourth stablecoin methodology – called the Stability Protocol Method – which provides stablecoins that have a fixed value and completely eliminates volatility in the first place.

The value of our “EZ” coin is not tied to any fiat currency, gold or other asset, or other coins. The Element Zero Network is a not-for-profit organization, which means that no government or entity controls the coins created on this platform: it is decentralized.  The platform uses a “smart contract” that balances out every transaction conducted on the Element Zero Network Platform. So if your customer purchases $100 of goods or services from you, the algorithm on our network will ensure that the value of the goods and services provided is equal to $100.  There are no adjustments to what is delivered on either end of the transaction due to market fluctuations or inflation. This system also eliminates the third-party entities that take a bite of your profits every time a transaction is conducted by credit card (transaction fee) or paper currencies (market fluctuations, inflation).  

So imagine what you can do for your brand when you create a coin on our Element Zero Network Platform, which you can do for free.  First, you can design the coin with your logo for instant recognition. Through your EZ coin, you can now communicate and transact business directly with your customers, cutting out the middleman and reducing fees  You can also create affinity/rewards programs that offer your branded coins as rewards, which can help deepen your customer relationships – with these coins they can make more purchases and contribute to your business growth.

If you’re ready to find out more about how our free Element Zero Network platform works, try our TestNet, which is now open to the public.  You can also reserve your stablecoin symbol in advance of our initial Stable Coin Offering, which is set for mid 2019.  

We live in a time of disruption of the status quo business models and innovation that is reshaping the way business is conducted and how customer relationships are defined.  Take a few minutes today to look at Element Zero. Try the TestNet, reserve your EZO coin symbol. Be proactive in expanding your branding program with this next-generation solution that offers tangible benefits in the brand-customer relationship.

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