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The Deus STO accelerator as a new approach to global investment

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have ushered in unprecedented changes in the way all old-fashioned businesses and services performed before. the changes are especially noticeable with the crowdfunding market’s insane development over the last few years.

STO comes over ICO

It all started with the ICOs, or initial coin offerings, as one of the most profitable investment tools. The instrument was very profitable and innovative for its time as an unmatched means of digital attraction of capital for further project development.

 Nowadays, working with ICOs has become expensive and uncertain. Due to the nature of ICOs, investors have no protection, forcing many governments to introduce ICO regulations to control and, in many ways, limit the issuance and funding processes. With ICOs being a global product, hundreds of restrictions that differ from country to country hamper their development, making investment processes face a wide range of regulations. That does not mean that the era of the ICO is over, but with the rise of the STO, all of the above-mentioned problems seem to be resolved in an instant.

Tokenization future is changing

Regulated STOs provide digital investors with all the advantages and necessary rights needed to perform work with non-accredited and accredited investors, use instant exchange services with literally no legal risks. STOs also bring credibility to the entire crypto world, where tokenized projects are stable and safe. While most companies are only becoming familiarized with what STOs have to offer, others are taking action and building systems to adjust to them.

STO accelerator provides safety and openness

The Deus STO accelerator platform has found the approach to improving traditional finance. While traditional securities are slow and expensive due to their old infrastructure based on intermediaries, security tokens facilitate access to services at a lower cost, as their approach is to make this offer global. 

The STO accelerator platform is based on principles of easy and equal access to the most prominent financial directions via an international ecosystem of tokenized business. The ecosystem represents an open market with fewer mediators, free from institutional manipulation. Fast transactions and fractional ownership via tokenized assets provide users with enhanced liquidity, allowing them to perform operations on a much bigger scale. The Deus platform also allows anyone to co-invest in high-return assets represented by tokens. Imagine the ability to create digital investments with transparency, reporting, liquidity and risk control.

Acceleration is an important stimulant on the modern market, as it helps support promising startups and allows bigger companies to go digital. The funds are raised from various digital investors across the globe, who are united by common ideas and preferences. This basic set of rules and improved access to real-world digitized assets is certain to become a standard approach to the way tokenized investments should work in the Financial Internet of the Future.

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