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What is Team Owner?


Team Owner is an innovative project in which other football fans are invited to be partakers of the benefits of their own club. As entrepreneurs and football fans, we want to extend an invitation to other fans from all over the world to join us in the purchase of a Spanish Third Division or Second Division B team. All this with the aim of reforming, professionalizing and giving all possible resources to increase the chances of ascending to the First Division, La Liga. 

In Team Owner we are sure that there are many teams and players with a lot of potential, but not enough resources. So we have researched and found at least 9 Spanish teams that would be ideal candidates for this project. We also know that there are many sports fans like us and we want to give them the opportunity to be part of the success of one of these teams, investing in their passion. 

In addition, this initiative will improve the quality of life of the club, the players, the image of the city and will be a cycle of remarkable benefit for all. 


To ensure that we achieve our goals, we have integrated highly qualified people in different areas into our team, such as our CEO Vice President of Córdoba C.F. from 2011 to 2016, a Spanish professional football club that was promoted to First Division in 2014. With more than 30 years of experience in leadership positions, both in the computer sector and in football. Advisors with great experience in different areas of football have also joined the project, such as Alex Aranzábal, economist, business manager and Spanish university professor, president of SD Eibar from 2009 to 2016, football club currently in Spanish First Division. 

Joining us as well we have reliable suppliers such as Teknei, a technology company with years of experience in the field and Hill House Capital, with a great track record in investment banking and more than 30 years in the financial sector. 

What is Innoventia? 

INNOVENTIA is a financial-technological platform that wants to revolutionize the traditional way of investing. Innoventia wants to do this through several projects in different areas, such as real estate, video games and in the case of Team Owner, through Spanish football. Our main objective with these projects is to give all investors and enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in projects that would otherwise only accept corporate capital. We want to replace traditionally corporate investments, democratizing investments. 

Why invest in Team Owner? 

Within UEFA, the Spanish league is one of the most important competitions in Europe. Spain is internationally recognized for the quality of its football. It has some of the best teams along with the largest number of fans in the world. In addition, it has some of the most loyal fans willing to spend above average to see their favorite teams. 

All this represents an economic impact for the country of around 4,4 million euros, of which 33,8 % comes from broadcasting rights and 22,7% from player transfers. 

The rise of a football club from one division to another means a revaluation of the team, an increase in the passion of its fans and an improvement in the image of the team’s city. 

Several entrepreneurs have recently ventured into this desirable business, but no one has done so with technological tools such as Blockchain. This disruptive technology already used in several companies and sectors, offers benefits such as security, transparency and efficiency to the football industry. In addition, it democratizes the investment and fans will be able to invest in their equipment with minimal amounts, increasing the feeling of belonging and even more, the feeling of being participant of the club. 

What is our philosophy? 

In Team Owner we are sure that there are many teams and players with great potential, but not enough resources to grow professionally. 

Through the investment of football fans, we want to help in the development of a professional team. To do this, we have researched and found at least 9 Spanish teams that would be ideal candidates for this project. We also know that there are many sports fans like us who we want to give the opportunity to be part of the success of one of these teams, investing in their passion. 

How are we going to raise funds? 

With the aim of democratizing the investment and that fans can invest in a team with enough potential to go up to La Liga, people will have the opportunity to buy GOL. 

What is a GOL? 

It is a digital asset, a participation in the project, conditioned on the maximum and minimum purchase of a certain number of assets per individual (€ 50 and € 10,000 max). Each investor has the possibility of receiving a part of the profits generated by the project. 

In order to achieve our objectives, we seek to raise at least 1.5 million Euros in 1.5 million digital assets, so each digital asset is worth 1 euro (1 GOL = 1 EURO). The maximum amount we are raising is 2.5 million euros. In the case of not reaching the minimum (€ 1,500,000), the money invested will be refunded to investors. 

That money will be used to cover expenses and finance the projection of clubs to achieve greater competitiveness and cover the costs of participating in the best tournaments such as La Liga or UEFA Champions League. 

How is the purchase process? 

The purchase process is easy and simple and takes approximately 7 minutes. 

Once the user enters the Team Owner website (, they can access the purchase system by creating a user account or through their Facebook, Google, Line or KakaoTalk social media profile. 

The user must have her/his valid passport at hand since during the registration process the user must provide the image of their passport to validate their identity and that they can access the secure purchase of their digital assets. 

Once you access the purchase portal, the user can select the amount of assets that you want to acquire and pay by bank card. 

The purchase process is very simple and has been designed to be as easy as possible for the user. Once the process has been successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation email and the amount of assets will be reflected in your personal account on the same website. 

How do we ensure that the user will not lose his investment if the minimum raised capital is not reached? 

We use a technology called Smart Contracts. A smart contract is a computer code or protocol that makes it easy to verify and enforce a contract automatically. These contracts do not need the intervention of people to verify and execute their compliance. Through these, the money will be automatically returned to each investor if the system detects that the objectives are not achieved. 

What are the expectations of return on investment? 

According to our calculations, it is estimated ROI of 150% in approximately 5 years. 

Which are the aspects to be evaluated for the chosen team? 

The current situation of the team to be selected has been evaluated, especially that which surrounds the team’s finances, its general balance sheets and its potential. Likewise, a comprehensive study of their legal problems that generally include all outstanding accounts payable, lawsuits and the team ́s cash flow.

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