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Token Holders are Benefiting From 4 New Mines Into The BHF-Token

BHF-Token: How does this impact the token holder? Not only are the BHF-Token holders benefiting from a higher percentage of co-ownership of Blue Hill Mine licenses XV-14307, XV-14308, that increased from 0.0000000428 to a co-ownership of 0.0000000445%. Also, there are 4 new mines that have been placed into the BHF-Token due to the Swiss Asian Resources partnership. This is because Swiss Asian Resources has exchanged the remaining BHF-Tokens for a 20% co-ownership of 4 new mining exploration licenses (XV- 017877, XV-019281, XV-020751, and XV-020817). This means an additional 0.0000001428% of each mine is incorporated into each BHF-Token. 2 of these mines (XV-020751 and XV-020817) will be explored and/or sold to obtain economic liquid benefits that will then be injected into the project. A minimum of 20% of the benefits from the exploration and/or sale will be used for the Burning Program and the balance will be used to acquire more mining exploration licenses under the BHF-Token umbrella. The other 2 mines (XV- 017877 and XV-019281) will be used to develop together with the Blue Hill Mine. 

The 4 additional mines included in the BHF-Token are: Nickel, Cobalt & Manganese License – XV-017877: 8,865 hectares = 9,741 football fields. Location: 1,250 km west from Ulaanbaatar, in Govi-Altai province. Potential: 500m wide, 2Km long Nickel & Cobalt on Surface. 

State License XV-017877 Link.
State Registration XV-017877 Link. 

Gold & Zinc License – XV-019281: 1,318 hectares = 1,448 football fields. Location: 900Km east of Ulaanbaatar, in Dornod province. Potential: USSR mapping – 2 Gold ore bodies and 1 main vein on the surface. 

State License XV-019281 Link.
State Registration XV-019281 Link. 

Gold & Copper License – XV-020817: 1,249 hectares = 1,372 football fields. Location: 1,250Km west of Ulaanbaatar, in Uvs province. Potential: 10 ton Gold 500,000 ton Copper, 50m wide, 300m long Gold ore body on surface, according to USSR report). 

State License XV-020751 Link.
State Registration XV-020751 Link.

Gold & Copper License – XV-020751: 910 hectares = 1,000 football fields. Location: 1,500Km west of Ulaanbaatar, in Khovd province. Potential: 2.7 tons Gold, according to USSR report. 

State License XV-020817 Link.
State Registration XV-020817 Link

Blue Hill Foundation has done more than it has promised to its token holders. The extra co-ownership in the Blue Hill Mines (XV-14307 & XV-14308), as well as the additional 4 mines, contributes to a much higher underlying value that initially promised to the BHF-Token holders. The BHF-Token has given much to talk about in recent weeks, as well as those responsible for its existence: Blue Hill Foundation, Blue Hill Mining Project. To get into the topic, you need to ask a key question: What is the Blue Hill Foundation and what is the Blue Hill Mining Project? 

Blue Hill Mining Project is the mission and Blue Hill Foundation the vision of an innovative project globally, a democratized business crypto project in which an asset was tokenized like never before: a real Mongolian mine. Blue Hill Foundation was the one who sought funding to explore and exploit this mine (called Blue Hill Mine) and for that tokenized a percentage of it, offering it to the public in tokens called BHF-Tokens. This tokenization process and sale offer was carried out under the Blue Hill Mining brand, responsible for carrying out the financing project (through the Blue Hill Foundation), exploration and mining. At the beginning of the project, the BHF-Token had the co-ownership of Blue Hill Mine (license XV-14307, XV-14308) at 0.0000000428%. Today, after the joint work of Swiss Asian Resources together with Blue Hill Mining, each BHF-Token consists of an increased percentage of co-ownership of Blue Hill Mine by 0.0000000445% plus an additional 0.0000001428% of each mine are incorporated into each of the BHF-Token.

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