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Huobi NEXT Collaborates with European Projects and Cryptofunds

Huobi NEXT Collaborates with European Projects and Cryptofunds

As the cryptocurrency markets continue to intrigue a large number of investors, the experienced players are lending their hand to budding projects in new economies. Huobi NEXT, a company is actively connecting investors with budding blockchain projects. The company seeks to find new projects which can leverage Huobi’s resources and create value.

Huobi managed to meet 31 VCs/Crypto funds and 42 projects at an event which attracted 132  attendees in Prague, Czech Republic in association with JRR Crypto and Blockfront Capital. Blockfront Capital is a private investment firm with a firm footing in Eastern Europe, headquartered in Romania and Switzerland while JRR Crypto is a Swiss-based blockchain ecosystem industry investment group.

Huobi intends to find projects which can leverage resources that the company has to offer. The ecosystem is designed to collaborate with upcoming blockchain projects.

The interested parties need to go through an online registration and verification process and undergo a review. If in case they are deemed fit, they will be open for public voting where the HT Community, eligible voters, and endorsers vote for the projects.

Huobi Europe Business Development Lead Chern Chung named Huobi as the one stop solution to find the required support from endorsers. Endorsers can also use the platform and expose themselves to new projects which are not out in public yet.

Blockfront Capital partner Alin Dumitru noted:“I believe that being an endorser and working with Huobi is one of the most important strategies for any investment firm. This will provide you with a lot of advantages and added value. As an endorser, we are also willing to act as the backbone of Huobi in Eastern Europe and assist Huobi to explore the Eastern European market


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