The Impact of NFTS and Crypto on Manga and Anime

The internet has always been a great way for people with a passion for certain things to find like-minded individuals. One of the communities that have flourished on the web is the manga and anime community.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, anime is an animated form of Japanese media. In English, it means “Japanese animated content.” The term manga, on the other hand, refers to comic books.

The number of articles about anime and manga has increased significantly over the past couple of years. In January and July of this year, the articles about these two forms of media were up by over 30% and 43%, respectively. This community is filled with individuals who are known as “Otakus.” These individuals spend a huge amount of money on their hobby of collecting anime and manga memorabilia.

Aside from their passion for collecting, these individuals also tend to spend a lot of money on buying non-fungible tokens. In this article, we will talk about some of the projects that are focused on the manga and anime space.

Manga Token

The main objective of the project known as the “Manga Token” is to support the artists who create and publish manga. It was created to allow them to sell their work as “Manga NFTs.” The token is based on the blockchain technology used by the Trophee platform.

Aside from being used as a payment method for transactions on Trophee, the platform also allows users to vote for their favorite manga titles. This allows people to fund new projects related to the medium.

Luffy Token

One of the projects that aim to support the underpaid manga and anime artists is the LUFFY token, which is a community-driven digital asset that’s based on the Ethereum network. It’s part of the “One Piece” metaverse, which also includes a decentralized exchange and a marketplace for NFTs.

The LUFFY token’s reward system rewards its users with 3% of the total value of transactions. It also allows the platform to add 2% to its liquidity pool.


GOKU, which is a community-driven project, is focused on facilitating interaction between fans and artists. It allows people to buy and sell non-fungible tokens.

The developers of GOKU have created seven non-fungible cryptocurrencies based on the concepts of Dragon Ball Z. These coins were released on a limited basis. They are currently working on a web-based game that will allow users to win NFTs.

Despite the high revenue that digital manga sales have been experiencing, many creators still struggle to make a living from their work. With the support of various projects, such as GOKU and the manga token, artists can now make a living from their art.

Aside from these platforms, there are other ways that manga artists can try to establish themselves as professional artists. For instance, the creator of One Piece, Shueisha, used ten of the series’ classic scenes to create 20 luxury prints that were priced at around $500,000.

These prints were created using blockchain technology to ensure that the details of the transactions are backed up. One of the most interesting projects that combine the metaverse and NFTs is the collaboration between Japanese artist Fujiwara Kamui and Digital Entertainment Asset, a Singapore-based company.

Through their partnership, the two companies have created The Land NFTs, which will grant people citizenship through the Fujiwara Kamui nation. These projects are proof that the potential of non-fungible digital assets such as NFTs is immense. It’s hoped that more companies and individuals will follow suit and create similar projects.



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