How gifs and memes can become investments: a complete guide to NFT art

The crypto world is highly innovative, it is always evolving, giving new ways to earn money from scratch for everyone. One of the recently new directions of market development is NFT. 

NFTs have been with us for several years, but only now we see the real boom and interest in this technology as it could be implemented in many areas and bring money for those who are in. 

We will reveal some useful tips on how to make money on NFTs – whether you want to create your own NFTS, resell or be a collector.

What’s new on the NFT market?

The Block reports that the turnover of NFT has grown by an enormous 43,000% during 2021. The NFT market now is an industry that has been estimated as multibillion-dollar. The huge interest in NFTs rose when digital artist Beeple sold its painting at a Christie’s auction for $69.3 million.

That was the beginning of a new era: artists, sport clubs, celebrities and businesses started testing NFTs. Melania Trump, the wife of Donald Trump, even opened her NFT-marketplace. The NBA began issuing NFTs with videos containing the best moments of the games.

By the end of last year, the number of NFT owners exceeded 360,000 and the overall sum of the NFTs were estimated as 2.7 million tokens. The most expensive tokens were owned by 32.4 thousand people, which is 9% of all the owners.

One of the most popular and famous NFT collectors is Pranksy, that’s his nickname on Twitter. He invested $600 in NFT art at the beginning of this fever, and now his portfolio of NFTs is estimated as $20 million.

On top of that, NFTs went far beyond the crypto market and attracted traditional businesses of various areas. For instance, Sotheby’s auction house reported that they’ve already made around $100 million by selling NFTs. Sotheby’s highlighted  that almost 78% of NFT owners were new to auctions, and around 60% of them were younger than 40 years old. 

Following the trend, Sotheby’s decided to launch an NFT marketplace and called it Sotheby’s Metaverse.

“The boom of NFTs and its trading volumes last year became a result of the vast technology adoption – tokens have become art pieces, sports club fan cards and the basis of the play-to-earn model for online games. Appearance of new marketplaces was an essential step in the technology and market evolving. With all the latest news and market updates we can be sure that NFT is a new trend and it will gain new momentum in 2022”, – comments Slava Mikhalkin, Co-Founder 

of Liquidifty.

Get unlimited investing potential with Liquidifty

There are many NFT platforms that allow you to create NFTs and start making money from it. Or if you don’t want to create your digital masterpiece, there is another option – you can buy NFTs and resell it. These tools are available in all the NFT marketplaces.

Since all the NFT marketplaces have more or less the same tools you can ask a question – how to choose the right one. 

One of the promising NFT platforms we can recommend is Liquidifty – marketplace and a Launchpad on the BNB and Polygon chains. The platform holds various events and provides users with tools like INO, IDO, airdrops, and others. Platform has a friendly interface that enables users to mint NFTs in a fraction of time and easily create NFT-stores. 

The highest ranking NFT collections on the platform include GameFi projects like Drunk Robots, and Cyber City, as well as the gaming guild Skill Guilds and the NFT launchpad Equinox. 

Liquidifty builds an open crypto world without borders, where users will be able to interact with decentralized products and services seamlessly, without intermediaries. 

Liquidifty team is working on the great tool – chain-oracles – it will analyze NFTs prices on different blockchains and estimate the price of NFTs owned by Liquidifty users.

NFT is a promising trend

As stated in Non-fungible Token Global Market Report 2022 the NFT market will grow to $21.33 billion in 2022 with a 52.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). In 2026, the global market will reach $82.43 billion and the CAGR will be 40.2%.

NFT is a step to the new world where we digitize everything we want to own – art, clothes, real estate. Very soon we will have most of our life online. New examples appear daily, making our mind and opportunities much broader. 

In this new world the need for technologies that can help to authenticate digital assets is rising dramatically. 

NFTs fulfill this need and aim to transform the way we interact within the current society.  One day, we will find out that NFT is something normal for us, we even will not notice how we use it as it was with the Internet or smartphones. And this time is coming soon!

Are you ready for NFT?

The NFT market increased by 220 times within only one year and it is just the beginning. Just imagine what would be in 2-3 years. 

Now NFT is a stable and promising trend on the cryptocurrency market – celebrities, artists, businesses start investing in it. So now it’s your turn to decide if you want to start this exciting journey or just watch how everyone is getting money. 

If you want to start making money on NFTs – join Liquidifty, try its tools, participate in events and cash raffles – earning money with NFT is easier than you can imagine!

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