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An NFT-DeFi convergence using Polkadot is proposed by Starfish Finance

An NFT-DeFi convergence using Polkadot is proposed by Starfish Finance

In its presentation for Polkadot, Starfish Finance presented how decentralized finance and NFTs will come together on the Astar Network. It is asserted that Starfish Finance ($SEAN) will be the stronghold that harbors the ultimate merger of DeFi and NFTs.

Polkadot galaxy’s Astar Network ecosystem includes Starfish Finance as one of its planets. A starfish living on his home planet, Sean wants to explore the universe and build castles.

The Starfish protocol was created based on Balancer v2. Consumers can create liquidity pools containing up to eight crypto assets on the platform. Then, using Celer Network’s Interchain Messaging infrastructure, users can borrow and lend collateralized NFTs across chains.

A few things to look forward to

Security is the first concern for the Starfish team, and CertiK has examined the Starfish Finance protocol. Owners of prized artifacts can now access finance without giving up ownership of their prized possessions through notable NFT initiatives.

Starfish Finance hopes to be listed on more exchanges as the protocol develops. For example, there is now a listing of Starfish Finance on Huobi, one of the biggest exchanges in the world.

With Starfish Finance, users can take advantage of multi-chain futures and multi-token stable and weighted swaps all in one place. The year began with Starfish conceptualizing, funding, developing strategic alliances, creating an inclusive community, and introducing a testnet.

A DeFi suite will be released for the remainder of 2022, and NFT collateralized lending and borrowing timeframes will be adjusted. When Starfish DAO forms, also known as The Aquarium, everything is possible. From the product to the art, from the technology to the marketing, the community council will foster many aspects of the project.

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