Review of Cryptology in 2022: Best Platform for Cryptocurrency Trading

Never heard of Cryptology? That’s a shame! Cryptology is a digital home for crypto traders — its website offers valuable features and allows to gain passive income. Click to learn more:


Discovered Cryptology? Lucky you!


Please feel free to join us at Cryptology — the cryptocurrency exchange platform trusted by lots of players on the cryptocurrency market. We are still growing!


Hassle-free trading on Cryptology


Cryptology is a global cryptocurrency exchange that will suit both beginners and experienced traders: the former will be able to access a high liquidity order book, while the latter will enjoy easy buy and sell.


  • Cryptology is present in 160+ countries
  • We have been in the market since 2017
  • We account for 50,000+ members, including traders and investors


Cryptology was launched by a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. They have been exploring new ways to bring the benefits of the cryptocurrency market to ordinary users ever since. As a result, you are now able to enter the highly technological sector through our trading platform, as we are able to satisfy the needs of both traders and investors at once.


What we are committed to do is to address the common challenges in the market: complexity of fiat transactions, enormous commissions, complicated account verification, rare tokens, absence of customer support or security, user-unfriendly interface, etc.


Cryptology is among the top well-known and trusted exchange platforms.


We work both with well-known coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and with less-known Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumen (XLM), Tether (USDT) and lots of other currencies.


We keep expanding and adding new cryptocurrencies.


We also work with DeFi!


Our platform supports the most promising DeFi projects: Cryptology users can easily become a part of this innovative system. In addition, we added Maker, Synthetics, and Yearn, the most popular and tested DeFi tokens, to our platform.



Why use Cryptology?


  • Ability to top up a deposit in any way you like: we accept bank cards (issued by Visa, Mastercard, Boleto, Deposit Express payment systems) as well as EU online banking payment methods.


  • Speed of transactions. Both buy and sell orders for the most popular cryptocurrency are instantly executed in the Cryptology app.


  • Tools for market analysis. You will be able to monitor the market in the online mode. If you are worried about risks, then use market or stop-limit orders to cut it.


  • Privacy. No verification is required on Cryptology, which means you remain anonymous.


  • We offer beneficial futures trading bonuses! One of them is a liquidation risk coverage bonus:


– To get your bonus just deposit any amount on Futures.


– This bonus can be spent on cutting the risk of liquidation or on covering the trading fees.


– Ability to cut risks of losing money and protect your transactions from market swings!


  • You get as much bonus as you deposit to your account. However, the amount is limited to $100 — if you deposit more than that, you will get only a $100 as a bonus.



Benefits of Cryptology


  • Anonymity. We respect your privacy and therefore require no verification in our service. All cryptocurrency transactions with us are anonymous, you will not be required to undergo any verification.


  • Cryptology offers leverage of up to x100 in futures trading.


  • We don’t charge commission for making deposits! There are no-fee deposits on futures wallets.


  • Security guaranteed. You can be confident that we are a completely safe and secure service. AWS, KMS, and encryption keys are used in Cryptology. Our security protection services also run penetration tests from time to time.


  • Fair trades. We offer a reliable infrastructure guarded by anti-fraud AI. Your assets are securely stored with our platform.


  • Newcomers to Cryptology can buy Bitcoin without being charged a fee. Bitcoin can be then used to trade DeFi tokens.



User-friendly Cryptology app


  • You can use our app as a wallet;


  • You can sign in from any device and any place;


  • You can enjoy friendly interface to easily buy and sell cryptocurrency;


  • You can find all professional trading instruments in our app;


  • You can be sure that we offer the most popular trading pairs only.


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