Wealth99 Review: Features Of This New Tokenized Alternative Investment Platform

‘Alternative assets’ might sound a little ‘out there’. But in fact, broadly speaking, the term ‘alternative assets’ simply means any investment other than shares or bonds – including crypto, tokenized assets, and digital assets. Not only are these alternative assets not ‘out there’; they’re the way of the future. That’s why Wealth99 is focused on giving everyday investors easy and user-friendly access to alternative assets.     

Let’s see what else Wealth99 has to offer. 

What is Wealth99?

Wealth99 is a new wealth platform that specialises in alternative assets, specifically tokenized assets. Its mission is to make these alternative assets more accessible to the 99%. 

The founders of Wealth99 believe that blockchain tech is the game changer everyday investors have been waiting for. Tokenization (ie. the process of creating digital versions of real-world assets) and fractional ownership can remove many of the barriers that have prevented alternative investments reaching people with smaller amounts to invest. 

Wealth99’s founders aren’t the only ones who see blockchain tech’s potential. The IBM blockchain project IBM Hyperledger says that tokenized private equity will be worth $25 trillion by 2030. Wealth99 is among the first to recognise the immense opportunity asset tokenization presents to everyday investors. 

Benefits of being a Wealth99 client

Simple and user-friendly, the Wealth99 platform is designed to make investing in alternative assets as easy as possible for their clients. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of choosing to invest via Wealth99. 

High security

Wealth99 is heavily focused on keeping client assets safe and secure. 98% of assets on the platform are held offline in cold storage, where they are safe from hackers and potential theft.  Also, assets held on the Wealth99 exchange are secured by third-party custody and vaulting companies. The platform itself has also been consistently (and independently) awarded the highest possible security rating. 

Simple onboarding 

Built around simplicity and ease, Wealth99 has a smooth digital onboarding and identity verification process. This means investors can get set up and started quickly and easily.

Real-world support

Wealth99 prides itself on understanding how complex the world of alternative assets can feel to investors who are new to it. To address this, they have built a team of specialists (ie. real humans) who are available to offer free support and guidance for Wealth99 clients. 

Easy tracking and reporting

The platform allows clients to export their transactions in accountant-friendly formats, and also offers simple and clear reporting. A personal dashboard provides a high level of transparency and control over client investments, too.

More liquidity

This is not only a benefit of Wealth99, but also of alternative assets in general. Whereas traditional assets can see investors’ money locked in for long periods of time (often multiple years), alternative assets can be bought and sold at any time via online exchanges such as Wealth99’s. This gives investors a large amount of liquidity and control over their ability to cash out as and when needed. 

How to sign up for a Wealth99 account

Those wishing to sign up for a Wealth99 account can do so via the Wealth99 website. The simple process involves opening an account, and then verifying your identity (in accordance with AML and KYC regulations). Following these simple steps, you will be ready to start investing in alternative assets with Wealth99. 

Wealth99 review summary

Alternative assets may seem to many to be ‘too complicated’, ‘too hard’, or ‘too out there’ for everyday investors. Wealth99 is challenging this view, by making alternative assets – such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tokenized Precious Metals – more accessible and available to the 99%. If you are an investor seeking to diversify into the exciting world of alternative assets, Wealth99 may be an ideal place to start. 

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