Blockchain for everyone? The new form of investment is now available

The public sale of $ LUCA, the Lucrosus Capital token, the first decentralised VC fund to invest in blockchain-based projects, is underway. This is an opportunity to enter a market whose value is growing at a rate of over 50 percent annually. The offer is addressed to everyone, regardless of the amount of capital held or knowledge of technology.

The faster you buy, the more you can earn. This principle works not only in “traditional” financial markets but also where a real revolution is taking place – on the market of cryptocurrencies and other projects based on blockchain technology.  How can I easily earn cryptocurrency? We will answer that in this article.

 Blockchain technology

Blockchain-based technologies are revolutionising various areas of life and the economy. In the financial sector, they allow you to safely store documents or information about transactions. They enable remote signing of documents and speed up credit procedures. In medicine, they provide quick access to electronic medical records or help to collect research results effectively. Blockchain is applicable practically everywhere – new companies and projects are constantly emerging with their own ideas for using this technology. These projects have one thing in common – they need financing that will allow them to refine and implement the concept. An NFT Token is a unique digital asset that can represent tangible and intangible objects. Already, NFTs include artwork, collectible cards, music, virtual real estate and more.

Earning with Venture Capital funds – VCs

At this stage, Venture Capital, which has been operating in business for years, appears. They put up their money and offer managerial support in exchange for shares in the company. When a project is successful, VCs most often make profits by selling these shares.

This is a proven way of doing business for the shareholders of a VC fund, but it requires a lot of money, and thus – the entry threshold is practically impossible to achieve for individual investors so far, only a few have been able to earn on VC.

They could – because now, thanks to the new decentralisation trend of Venture Capital, in which the Lucrosus Capital offer is part – earn money by investing in companies that are in the early stages of their development, everyone can.

Blockchain Market

According to Fortune Business Insights, the value of the global blockchain market is expected to grow from $ 7 billion in 2022 to $ 164 billion in 2029, a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 56 percent. The coming years will be a period of dynamic development of companies operating in the industry, thanks to which their value will rapidly increase. This is what Venture Capital funds are counting on, which are increasingly investing in blockchain initiatives.

Until now, such investments were reserved for the richest – now, everyone can make money from them. The idea of democratising VC is implemented by Lucrosus Capital – a VC that invests in blockchain-based projects and opens access to these investments to all who purchase the $ LUCA token created by him. You just need to buy it to take advantage of the increase in the market value of selected projects and companies.


What is the $LUCA token? Why does it make earning simple?

$ LUCA is a blockchain token that can be acquired, thus becoming an indirect investor in projects selected by Lucrosus Capital experts. So you don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of crypto coins or blockchain to make money in this rapidly growing market. Until now, investors with even large capital in traditional markets have skipped this area precisely because of their ignorance about New Crypto Coins and belief in the uncertain management of such projects. Lucrosus Capital solves both of these problems – projects are selected and managed by specialists in the industry who have both financial and managerial competencies at the highest level.

What does investing on the blockchain look like with $LUCA?

The profit on the acquired tokens is not everything you can count on. What particularly distinguishes the offer is Shared Allocation Program that gives $ LUCA holders the right to directly purchase project tokens in which Lucrosus Capital will invest. The more $ LUCA you have, the greater the allocation.

In other words – Lucrosus Capital as a VC invests in crypto projects, receiving tokens of these projects at preferential prices. These tokens are then offered to $ LUCA holders, of course, at preferential prices. As a result, Lucrosus investors can have tokens purchased at prices better than the market.

The next planned step is the Staking Program, which allows you to earn additional profits by depositing your $ LUCA for a specified period of time, after which the investor receives a certain increase in tokens – the more, the longer the deposit period.

Check out the video explainer here:

The sooner, the cheaper

The public offer of the $ LUCA token started in January this year. The sale is conducted on the Lucrosus Capital website and has been divided into 100 phases. Each phase is plus 1 percent to the price, so the earlier the purchase, the more profitable the investment.

In addition, the company has prepared a referral program – a unique code can be generated on the website, thanks to which people who create an account from the referral will receive 5 percent more tokens. In turn, the referrer will receive 30 percent of the amount of the tokens they purchase or 15 percent in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Importantly – there are no limits to the value of transactions, and the program is to last until the end of the Public Sale.

The attractiveness of $ LUCA is additionally strengthened by the fact that Lucrosus Capital has announced that it will conduct buy-back programs. As a result, the tokens will be relatively rare, positively affecting their price.

Follow-up video on this topic –


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