How the merging of blockchain technology and traditional craftsmanship led to the creation of the first-ever community-owned spirits brand

Champagne is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about blockchain technology or non-fungible tokens. Yet Privé proves that it is possible to bring the physical and digital world together into a one-of-a-kind community-owned spirits brand. 

Privé, Damon Nam’s brainchild, merges art, technology, and premium crafted champagne, building an exclusivist community around its luxury lifestyle goods and services.

Damon Nam is a twenty-three plus year technology executive, Microsoft alumnus, and entrepreneur who brings a unique vision to the world of product development with Privé. The idea behind the brand was to leverage the power of blockchain technology to create a private social club of entrepreneurs, investors, tastemakers, creators, and connoisseurs through a unique NFT collection. 

Privé Société aims to become a lifestyle brand and operate as a private membership community and social club for Privé Réserve champagne. The brand-new take on non-fungible token (NFT) ownership is the driving force behind the creation of the Privé brand. In order to join Privé Société, future members have to secure Privé NFT ownership. 

Members can enjoy access to the Privé network, receive bottles of Privé Réserve champagne, invitations to exclusive events and parties, and an ever-growing number of lifetime benefits. Privé Reserve is a fine champagne hand-crafted in small batches in Avize, France, and produced in partnership with cellar masters at Frerejean Freres, the world-renowned champagne supplier for the Michelin awards.  

Before founding Privé Société, Damon Nam spent seventeen years at Microsoft, holding different roles within the Microsoft Services department, and six years in the blockchain industry working on decentralized finance as a founder for Coin and advisor at HODLVERSE. With an extensive experience in investment and fundraising, Damon has helped numerous companies raise tens of millions of dollars using offerings such as REG A+, CF, S, and D offerings. 

Now, his focus is on expanding Privé and turning it into a global community where the digital and physical world merge together to provide complete privacy and a unique lifestyle experience for its members. Privé goes beyond luxury beverages and the static art that most NFT projects focus on. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and creating a one-of-a-kind NFT collection, Prive ensures membership authentication and facilitates the tracking of goods during the supply chain process to ensure the integrity of provenance. Privé Société is limited to less than 10,000 global members, thus NFT ownership guarantees not only a wide range of benefits but also increased privacy for every person that joins this exclusivist community.  

In the near future, Damon Nam aspires to extend Privé beyond NFTs and take the merge of physical and digital capabilities one step further by creating an entire ecosystem of products and experiences. Privé is set to increase its range of products and services with additional spirits such as a rosé and cognac, collectible toys, fashion items, exclusive lifestyle experiences, and more, so it’s definitely a brand to keep an eye on.

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