Meta Kongz Is All Set to Enter the Eth Market With Hyundai

In the last few years, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) appear to have burst from the ether. The value of digital assets is growing like Dutch tulips from the 17th century, Which includes everything from art, music, tacos, weird apes, alien faces to even toilet paper.

Owners of one-of-a-kind digital assets are proud to display their NFTs, resulting in a particularly popular trend of PFP* NFTs. Meta Kongz, the gorilla NFT, is one of them.

Last December, Meta Kongz made a splash as the new player in the NFT market. An NFT project consisting of 10,000 randomly created 3D gorilla images reached the top of the NFT open marketplace worldwide Top 100 in just a short period of time.

So, what happens when one of the popular and unique Meta Kongz NFT gorillas crosses paths with two of the biggest corporate companies?

Meta Kongz and Shinsegae

Shinsegae, a South Korean department store franchise, is the world’s largest department store with 3,163,000 square feet. The company operates two businesses namely an E-mart discount store business and a department store business. 

Meta Kongz has announced a memorandum of understanding with Shinssegae, which includes producing over 10,000 PFP. The project consists of a roadmap that includes real-life utilities. The minting of these 10,000 PFPs will take place in June, and customers will be able to access the benefits offline. 

Meta Kongz and Hyundai Motors

With the 2021 Meta Kongz, Hyundai Motor Company has brought together the legendary legacy of the 1975 PONY* with the state-of-the-art technology of digital advancement. In honor of this remarkable first encounter, 30 unique NFTs will be released in a limited edition.

In bringing PONY and Meta Kongz to life, a brand-new era of time and space is being ushered in. Thanks to Meta Kongz, PONY is about to set off on an amazing journey.

As Hyundai unveiled its concept of Metamobility in January, robotics will enable users to transcend the physical limitations of time and space, thus bridging the real world with the Metaverse.

Hyundai will issue a number of NFTs as creative mobility vehicles to take the audience and crypto aficionados around the Hyundai Metamobility cosmos, beginning with the formal NFT launch in May. This universe will be unlike any they’ve ever seen, with mobility connecting and revolving around them for new mobility experiences. 

Further, the company has announced that it will provide a 24-hour channel of communication so that all queries can be answered and dialogue can be initiated between the company and the NFT community In addition, the community will receive real-time updates regarding the new launch and current updates on NFTs through this channel.

The Relocation from Klaytn Chain to ETH chain

Currently, Meta Kongz has managed to maintain its superiority as the number 1 klaytn chain on the top NFT marketplace Opensea, with a floor price of about 6ETH ($11,616). 

Since its initial minting price of 150 KLAY ($110), its value had increased considerably. Even after the price has risen, hundreds of people in the community still want to own Meta Kongz for the benefits they receive from being a Meta Kongz NFT holder, and their desire to do so keeps the price high.

The Meta Kongz governance team recently completed voting on a migration agenda from the Klayton chain to the Ethereum chain. Most governance team members voted in favor of this proposal. 

To internationalize Meta Kongz, it was inevitable that the project would switch to the Ethereum blockchain. As it is extremely difficult to attract non-Koreans to the Klaytn chain, many NFT traders prefer using the Ethereum chain and Metamask wallet instead. In the process of relocating from the Klaytn chain to Etherium, Meta Kongz will get more exposure.


Meta Kongz, with these partnerships with two of the world’s largest corporations, is set to become the number one NFT project in the world. Additionally, the platform’s transfer from the Klaytn chain to ETH will open up the platform to millions of crypto and NFT enthusiasts worldwide.

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