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Griffex Supercharged Indexes: Financial wisdom that stands the test of time!


Sophisticated instruments for investing, technical indicators and algorithmic trading, these undoubtedly are idyllic symbols of today’s globalised economic systems that are fuelled by capitalist investments. And if one were to look back at the twenty-first century from sometime in the future, these ought to serve as the appropriate representation of today’s reflection. However, what if we were to tell you that what is so iconic about today, and Griffex is specifically talking about the essence of the idea here, can actually be traced back in time to almost to four hundred years earlier somewhere in Spain, and perhaps even before!

Could there really be a connection between one of the most widely read western classics, the most influential of works of literature from Spanish Golden Age authored by Miguel de Cervantes, back in the Seventeenth century, with modernised instruments for financial investments backed by all-those tech gizmos and algorithmic traders.

The protagonist of the story, Sancho Panza, in one of his conversations with noblemen deep within the Spanish heartland remarks with what perhaps became one of the widely accepted tautologies with respect to investing. The exact words are — “It is the part of a wise man to keep himself today for tomorrow, and not venture all his eggs in one basket.” The use of the maxim showcases the day-to-day wisdom of not putting all of your resources into one endeavour.

The first-hand understanding from the expression has become a part of common parlance and is essential for reducing risk and ensuring consistent returns from all walks of life, and not just investing per se. Although there isn’t a lot of scientific backing for Cervantes using the exact words, the saying is most widely attributed to his work. Historically though, many other cultures in the past have had similar considerations and know-how about storage, redundancy and with concepts of redistribution.

The point that matters here — The reiteration of the widely held belief that knowledge is never lost and is only rediscovered and applied in accordance with the contemporary during the progression of civilisational epochs. And here comes the fascinating part, investing strategies and financial wisdom are rooted in very simplistic notions, like cutting back your losses (such as negotiating a ceasefire during a military expedition) or reducing the risk by diversifying (such as sharing the burden of harvest between brothers), perhaps even inculcating a bit of foresight in one’s thought-process, i.e. thinking about the uncertain future with respect to savings (hoarding of bullion, storing it in pits dug-up within ancestral courtyards). Reading between the lines, history is replete with financial and investment wisdom, and we just haven’t been looking closely enough!

Well, who would have dreamt in their wildest of dreams about literature which is a mirror for viewing the society of that age, would offer investment advice with respect to diversification. Something which could only have been indisputably apprehended post the advent of neo-capitalism and the twenty-first century mechanics of investments and finance.

So what are these Indexes?

In order to adequately explain Index investing for cryptocurrencies, delving into its traditional form is kind of necessary. Basically an effective strategy in which a broad basket of assets are targeted instead of a few investments, index investing as a hands-off approach manages to eradicate most of the biases and uncertainties with which one is supposed to picks their assets. The entire point of indexes is to maintain as much profit potential while reducing as much downside potential as possible. In other words, an index fund minimises the unsystematic risk related to a specific assets without decreasing expected returns. Preparing for the future by making your investment earn for you while you focus on other aspects of life; It doesn’t really have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming anymore.

In simple, they are a group of cryptocurrencies bundled together according to unique value and specific weightage. The crypto-assets weight in the indexes is decided by the score it gets relative to the value attributes (market cap, correlations, volume, sectors) that define the criteria of a specific indexes, the same measure used to select the crypto-asset in the first place.

In order to reduce the risk potential, deploying strategy for diversification by picking different assets simultaneously is the best bet. Indexes maintaining a good risk to reward ratio, tend to easily outperform other cryptocurrency investments such as just investing on Bitcoin or Bitcoin & Ether combined. Indexes comprises cryptocurrencies featuring a potent combination of coins, from the most stable to the most volatile.

Indexes increase the likelihood of investing into Cryptocurrencies, and not looking at your phone or computer screen all day looking at the prices and speculating performance. Indexes are a safer and a more passive way of investing with the startling ability to amass great returns.

But Bitcoin dominates the market, then why diversify?

A recurring yet intelligent question in crypto discussions, indeed it is true that Bitcoin tends to influence many but not all of the cryptocurrencies tradable on exchanges today. The visible correlation factors between the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies often brings considerations such as the very need of diversification in the traders mind. Cryptocurrencies, however, are extremely complex and different market sectors might advance faster than others. And many other outside factors tend to influence the price fluctuations. But the biggest reasoning for having a well-diversified portfolio is the ability to invest into crypto-assets with differing volumes of market capitalisation size.

Cryptocurrencies having a smaller market capitalisation provide an improved reward to risk ratio, as compared to the popular and highly-invested cryptocurrencies. However, the high market cap crypto-assets offer more stability, having been used as well as tested on numerous occasions. That’s exactly the reason for maintaining a healthy balance of both — Combining low (under $250 million), medium ($250 million to $5 billion) and high ($5 billion and up) market cap cryptocurrencies is the smartest and wisest of trading strategies, and the one that has been used by many successful investors.

Supercharged Indexes from Griffex

Fear is a tremendous inhibitor of growth. And this is one of the biggest restrain that is stopping people from investing in cryptocurrencies. Having said that, this fear can be muted-out to an extent with the right education and the right-kind of tools for investing. Which brings us to the question of why we decided to come up with these indexes in the first place.

Sophisticated instruments for investing are undeniably outmatching and outclassing the average crypto day-trader. The situation begs the question: Why should the dominant side continue to win by its unfair-biased means? And more importantly, why should these retail traders be left behind? — Not on our watch!

As a token of appreciation, and for the burning desire in our hearts at levelling the playing field; Introducing the Supercharged Strategic Indexes from Griffex, with Muted Volatility, Diversification, and Uncorrelated Returns for that decisive edge over hedge-funds. And the buck just doesn’t stop there, these indexes also serve as valuable benchmarks for furthering the said crypto-trading strategies. Indexing, or passive investing, is a way for today’s investor to participate in the market without the high expense of their time and money. Presently, three supercharged indexes catering to different age-groups are up-and-running for investing — Millennial Index, Boomer Index, Gen X Index.

Light the beacon, illuminate the Utopian horizons! Get started today.

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