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CSAC, the ‘Tornado-level’ blockchain project, opened the voting on the CSAC App to win the BMW 5 Series activity this month

According to official sources, the CSAC credit chain opened the global voting activity on 15th May – 25th May, which further improved the CSAC global community ecological construction. Community autonomy is the eternal theme of the CSAC credit chain. It adheres to the principle of open and transparent community, and assigns more rights to each community member, so that every CSAC holder truly becomes the master of the CSAC community.

CSAC Credit Chain is committed to building a secure, transparent and decentralized credit network platform, redefining the production relationship with participants in the traditional economy through a system of multiple participation, intelligent collaboration, professional division of labor and value sharing. Achieve a credit-driven decentralized economic model.

In order to make CSAC have better liquidity, promote its value stability and help the whole ecosystem to be healthy, CSAC operation team has carefully selected three of the world’s most trusted exchanges for CSAC holders to vote.
No.1 The Multiple trading platform is an attitude global blockchain asset trading platform. The non-small global exchange ranks in the top 15 and mytoken ranks in the top 17 and the comprehensive strength score is BBB. The average daily visitor exceeds 35,000.

No.2 Upbit is a digital currency exchange launched by the financial technology company Dunamu in partnership with the American exchange Bittrex. The non-small “global exchange” ranks in the top 13 and mytoken ranks in the top 11 and the comprehensive strength score is BBB. The average daily visit volume exceeds 68,000.

No.3 ZBG trading platform is the world’s top community-based innovative coin trading platform launched in July 2018. It is wholly-owned by ZB and is the “NASDAQ” of the currency circle. Besides,it provides support for innovative currency project. Mytoken ranked in the top 37, with a daily trading volume of over 10 billion and a top 5 trading volume.

During the event, all CSAC users can vote through the app to reach a consensus which exchange will CSAC listing . Each time a user casts a vote, they spend 10 CSAC and get a lucky draw. There is no limit on the number of votes and draws. The winning rate is high enough to scream. BMW 5 Series, Titanium Luxury Mobile Phone is waiting for you!

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