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ChainUP unveils Blockchain and Cloud Computing business model during Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2019

BANGKOK, THAILAND, 30 NOVEMBER 2019 — ChainUP, a global Blockchain solutions provider with over 180+ exchange clients and 50+ wallet clients, has unveiled their business plan of combining Blockchain and Cloud Computing as part of their service provision. This was announced during the second Blockchain Thailand Genesis Conference, which was jointly held by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand, and was graced by over 3,000 attendees, 40 projects and more than 30 speakers.

As part of the official Thailand Blockchain Week, Blockchain Thailand Genesis is a platform for both private and public interests to express expansion plans and growth strategies in bringing technologies like Blockchain and Cloud Computing to the masses. ChainUP’s announcement at the conference was part of their strategy to further expand the reach and boundary of Blockchain in the industry.

Mr. John Kim, ChainUP’s Overseas VP, said in his speech during the conference,

As a service provider, ChainUP is always looking at ways to create opportunities and convenience for our clients. We strongly believe that the combination of blockchain and cloud computing can provide more possibilities for practical landing applications. To internationalise ChainUP’s service provisions, we have actively cooperated with multinational regulatory and compliance agencies to empower businesses through Blockchain technology.”

As part of an ongoing internationalisation effort, ChainUP is reaching out to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam to combine Blockchain and Cloud Computing as part of their service provisions. He further added,

There are boundless opportunities offered when Blockchain is combined with Cloud Computing, and this is the way to accelerate industrial progress. Ultimately, we want to help our clients by building sustainable and efficient ecosystems that can withstand the evolution of technology.”

Having had investments from top venture capitals, spanning from Morningside Venture Capital, Node Capital, Albatross Venture to Taoshi Capital, ChainUP is a company with good backing to further revolutionise the industry with its provision of Blockchain technology services. Its participation in Thailand Genesis 2019 is aligned to the company’s plan of customer acquisition and regional expansion and will further pave the way for the company to be in talks with several relevant organisations for meaningful partnerships and collaborations.


About ChainUP |

ChainUP is a world leading Blockchain technology service provider and its services include a global digital asset trading system, wallet services, AUROR exchange situational awareness system and more. With its vision to “be the most trustworthy Fintech company in the world” and mission to “continuously create value for clients”, ChainUP provides customers with a safe, stable, reliable and global one-stop service from infrastructure to accurate operation, based on the technology exercises of massive businesses.

About Blockchain Thailand Genesis |

Organised by Cryptomind, Blockchain Thailand Genesis 2019 is a recurring annual event and platform to provide in-depth information on Blockchain technology, direction of technology investment, global growth trends in Digital Assets as well as updates on relevant laws and regulations. Packed with workshops and speaking sessions, Blockchain Thailand Genesis brings an all-rounded introduction to Blockchain and Digital Assets.

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