Tete a Tete with SaTT CEO Gauthier BROS

What is the idea behind SaTT and what you plan to achieve with this ICO project?

The idea behind SaTT is to create a cryptocurrency for the advertising market. We are proud to announce that we have reached 4000000 Facebook users. Our application helps marketers enhance visibility on facebook and helps them share ads.  We have created a smart contract called oracles. It will allow us to obtain data like views, clicks or leads generated by a campaign and directly process the payment to the publisher. Interestingly, the publisher can create oracles from facebook API, instagram API, youtube. We truly believe that it will be  game changing for the ad industry.

Who is your target audience? (which part of the value chain or industry in specific)

Our target audience is any enterprise which needs to promote their products or services on the web.

Could you brief us about the competitive challenges in terms of performance and security as compared to your rivals?

While we believe that challenges are what make the journey beautiful, our soul focus lies making advertising simpler for our users. Simpler the project the more security it will have.

How SaTT transactions are different from the conventional advertising transactions?

Transactions in the SaTT ecosystem will be fast and automated. Oracles, the smart contract in our ecosystem will function like an Escrow account (i.e) publishers are guaranteed payments. It will also help us  quantify the performances of ads on any social networks. More importantly, it opens a wide new range of metrics not available with mere UTM links.

With a particular motive comes a vision and is achieved through inevitable effort, please share one of yours? How is this vision crafted and who are involved in doing this?

Our motivation is a result of our relentless drive. We have been working together for 10 years with Stephanie, Geoffrey and Samir and treat all times with equal vigour and enthusiasm and take the challenge.

What venture were you previously in and what propelled you to switch to marketing through utilizing blockchain?

We have always worked on upscaling facebook applications which later became a project named ATAYEN.The idea came from wanting to offer an effective advertising exchange system for our 4000000 users.

What role does ORACLE serve in your project?

Oracles are external sources of data. They help automate payments via smart contracts. There are 3 types of Oracles in the SaTT smart contract. First. the ability oracle that defines whether a publisher has the ability to participate in the campaign. Second, the performance oracle that informs the campaign’s performance statistics (views, clicks or leads, etc.) Lastly, the security oracle that validates if the statistics are accurate.

Tokens are considered essential for ICO’s. How credible is the SaTT token? Also, explain the features of SaTT Wallet?

The most alluring feature of the SaTT token is it’s liquidity. We have designed a wallet connected to social networks.This allows easy exchange of SaTT, Ether and Bitcoins. It is  as simple as sending an email. More importantly, there is no need for public address.

Is there a lockup period and when is the TGE (Token Generation Event)?

The SaTT tokens have already been generated. The vesting period only accounts for the  tokens provided to associates, advisors and employees. They are blocked for 1 year and unblocked in increments of 10% every month to avoid dumps.

How much (USD) are you raising in private sale vs the public sale, and what is the rationale behind it?

We have raised $ 400,000 in private sales and plan to raise at least $ 3.3 million in public sales.

How do you seek to provide return funds for the investors?

We deeply believe that the return on investment comes from our ability to produce effective and useful tools. Our priority is adoption as the market obeys supply and demand.

ICO contributors always seek for an MVP? Do you have one? On what parameters have you audited it and how your product stood out in that process?

Presently, we have developed, the SaTT payment system,,SaTT wallet, SaTT SDK. to connect to third party sites our wallet. We have also launched Oracles FB, twitter, youtube and instagram and  V0.1 of smartcontract available on GitHUB. We will test the smartcontract cases internally and then we will submit it to a review by internet security professionals.

Please give us a brief about your project development team and their expertise?

It’s going to be difficult to talk about everyone. Stephanie, Geoffrey and Samir are our main warriors. We have been working together for more than 9 years and have since been joined by more than 15 equally talented people. 

What is your plan if you could not achieve the hard cap?

The small cap is enough to develop the product. The hard cap would simplify the process of adoption by giving us access to more funds to promote the SaTT. It will be a question of redoubling our efforts, the work does not scare us

Does KYC or whitelist exist and how is authorization and authentication processed in your project?

KYC is mandatory to participate in ICO SaTT. Once this step completed users can have access to their tokens and transfer them.

Please give us a brief about your advisory board.

We have tried to bring together competent professionals who are strongly involved in the success of the operation. All our advisers have a common contract, the goal being to have a team rather than photos on the whitepaper as unfortunately it is the case in many projects.

What’s your personal opinion on blockchain and how do you imagine a future built upon it?

I think  blockchain meets many needs but unfortunately not all. Furthermore, some industries will change completely thanks to this evolution. We can talk about everything that may concern the titles of the properties, the certifications and needless to say payments.


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