VitalikTheGoat: An Art Project In Honor Of Vitalik Buterin

“The Prince Of Crypto,” Vitalik Buterin, has been referred to by many as the man behind the evolution of blockchain technology by bringing Ethereum into the play. After being introduced to Bitcoin in 2011, Vitalik saw the collapse of financial systems across the globe, intrigued by the idea of an alternative global money source that was uncontrolled by authorities. And that’s how the ethereum was born.

Ethereum’s significance stems from the fact that it was a breakthrough that brought whole new approaches and was used for digital money and blockchain technology. Ethereum cleared the road for cryptocurrencies and, in many respects, established the benchmark for future blockchain technologies. As a tribute to Vitalik’s work on Ethereum VitalikTheGoat, the platform launched a collection of NFTs inspired by him. 

What is VitalikTheGoat

As part of the 10K 1:1 NFT/IRL Toys Collection, VitalikTheGoat honors the Ethereum Merge with a First-Ever Exclusive. The project will include 10,000 different non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each representing a corresponding IRL Customized Bobblehead toy. Each of the seven development team members will sign 1000 of the 10,000 NFTs in the collection.

The 10,000 NFTs in this collection will all be added and  displayed to the buyers, making it completely different from other 10K NFT collections that use AI or other techniques to choose the NFT for the buyer. This allows the buyers to personally select the NFT, which will then be paired with its matching, custom-designed bobblehead collectible toy. Of the 10,000 NFTs in the collection, 100 will be selected by lottery to have their bobblehead custom built in-ledger.

What inspired the development of VitalikTheGoat?

Every age has a select few great geniuses who stand out. But, because their thoughts are already many decades in the future, these geniuses never fit in. Vitalik is the G.O.A.T. since he invented Ethereum on the Blockchain and switched from PoW to PoS. Simply said, Vitalik Buterin is the mind of Ethereum, a ground-breaking platform.

Undoubtedly, the “Merge” of Ethereum represents the most significant crypto revolution since Bitcoin. The Merge will first improve the energy efficiency of the Ethereum blockchain, which is the second largest behind Bitcoin.

As stated by its creators, The Merge would reduce energy use by 98%. Approximately 23 million megawatts of electricity are consumed by Ethereum each year, while The Merge is estimated to reduce that consumption to 2,600 megawatts. Additionally, Ethereum developers expect the Merge to improve the security and scalability of all blockchain projects.

A team comprised of Jenny Q. Ta, Shawn Block, Stephen Caggiano, Amy Massumeh, Rod Wright, and Alexandre Lores, VitalikTheGoat began the project as a tribute to Vitalik Buterin. Currently, the VTG NFT collection is the only project in existence that, apart from Ethereum, accepts 20 different payment options with 18 different cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Tether, ApeCoin to name a few, and PayPal and CashApp, for fiat money while keeping all VTG NFTs minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

More About The VitalikTheGoat Collection

The collection, which breaks with web 3.0 convention and is constructed with real-world usefulness, was developed to demonstrate to the community and the world that the platform is serious about this win-win situation.

The collection will avail users with total collections of 10500, out of which 192 have already been sold. Users can visit the website and look for their preferred NFT art. Seven categories are available on the platform: accessories, backgrounds, fashions, eyes, hats, skin textures, and skins. 

The process will be as follows:

  1. The VTG team provides collectors with their wallet addresses, and they pay with 0.5 ETH tokens equivalent to their choice.
  2. A code will be delivered to the collector once payment has been received. They will then connect their Metamask to their VTG NFT.
  3. If a collector buys a VTG NFT for its customized collectible bobblehead toy, it will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain until the collector is ready to have it stored on their Metamask.

 Those who don’t have MetaMask and made the purchase using CashApp or PayPal can use VTG’s custody wallet

A few things to look forward to in the collection

The platform has maintained the roadmap as a milestone-based structure rather than preserving it as a timeframe. The corporation has claimed that it will launch the project at each specified milestone whenever it reaches each sales objective since it is in this for the long haul.

The platform will cover the expenses of creating the NFT project, IRL, and unique bobbleheads made to resemble each of the 10,000 NFTs for the first 1000 NFTs sold. When the member-only VTG goods shop is enabled, selling 5000 NFTs will mark the next significant milestone on the plan. The VitalikTheGoat platform intends to host a VTG IRL celebrity guest party, the TBD venue after it sells 10,000 NFTs. In addition, each VTG NFT will get a complimentary lottery ticket good for one of 100 backstage meet-and-greet passes.


In this day and age of exponential change, there aren’t many entrepreneurs who can brag about leaving behind a legacy with a profound and long-lasting disruptive influence. Despite this, Vitalik Buterin, a math and computer genius who was born in Russia, has accomplished just this with his invention of the blockchain. Given the legacy that VitalikTheGoat has left behind, his creation is hardly surprising. Watching how the initiative develops in the future will be intriguing.

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