Space Coin Project: Space travel for everyone

We’re entering the space race of the twenty-first century, in which 10-minute space vacations, orbiting hotels, and human colonization of Mars might be on the horizon. The private sector is attempting to make space travel more accessible and more affordable rather than warring countries battling for control in space. 

But with big companies fighting for space, will there ever be a chance for ordinary people to travel to space? Doesn’t appear so. 

In order to make space travel accessible to everyone, the Space Coin Project created an indexable market value for the cost of a trip to space. In addition, it creates a way for people to purchase tickets to space.

So if you are wondering how you can become a member of Space Coin Project and travel to space, keep reading to learn how.

What Space Coin Project is about?

Space Coin Project is a Commercial Space Travel initiative whose ultimate goal is to provide the public with the ife-changing experience of commercial space travel through decentralization and fair pricing. 

The Space Coin Project offers individuals the opportunity to buy or win tickets to experience the wonders of the inky black sky we call space!

The platform’s token SPJ will be available for purchase during the ICO. These tokens are exchangeable for tickets into space. A number of companies offer different trips in this manner, making it easier for consumers to select the best fit for them. 

A user can also redeem tokens to receive a special NFT commemorating their space trip and access to a secret Space Travelers Discord group where they may share their experiences.

How different is it from other projects?

Space Coin Project is creating a concierge service for customers to reasonably purchase and attend a trip to space. As space travel becomes more and more common,  offering these services will gradually increase, but the prices range dramatically and so do the services included. 

Part of Space Coin Project’s process is to enable users to swap their tokens for the ticket of their choice. This purchase comes along with personalized features delivered through the Space Coin Project Concierge. This means that customers can compare companies and service providers side-by-side and customize their experience to however suits them best.

How do holders of SPJ earn?

Those who own SPJ can participate in SpaceDAO and vote on important projects, such as improvement if services, and liquidation process modifications. In addition, SpaceDAO allows users to instantly exchange a set amount of their tokens for concierge services and a space ticket. 

In the next step, the team contacts multiple space travel agencies on the user’s behalf and presents them with several options. Then, SpaceDAO proceeds to take liquidity in the form of ETH or USDC when a user selects an option.

The earnings are then converted to fiat currency and used to purchase the ticket. With a few easy clicks, the user can transform his crypto into an experience without having to deal with any of these intricacies.

Space travel with SPJ?

SpaceDAO is an important aspect of building a community of space enthusiasts, and it represents a wide range of people who are captivated by the stars. As a result, SpaceDAO plans to join the Commercial Spaceflight Federation and other groups that work to bridge the gap between enterprises in the field.

Blockchain in Space

The next great leap for this technology may come from space in the future, even though blockchain serves as the backbone for DeFi and cryptocurrency systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is a growing consensus that data should be stored in space just in case a black swan event takes out infrastructure on planet earth. 

It might seem at first glance that a blockchain node in space is a more secure solution than one on Earth, but experts say that a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment must be conducted in order to implement countermeasures that will enable and maintain proper security levels over time.


Although space travel is a long-term process that scientists and engineers are working on, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we live, and contribute to humanity’s progress. Therefore, those who wish to venture to the Void should start preparing. The Space Coin Project gives ordinary people the chance to do so.

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