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Snowcrash teamed up with National Geographic to Launch the Genesis NFT Collection

Snowcrash teamed up with National Geographic to Launch the Genesis NFT Collection

Snowcrash, a well-known NFT platform recently announced a collaboration with National Geographic, a popular media publisher, to launch its Genesis NFT collection titled “GM: Daybreak Around the World” on January 17, 2023, to commemorate its 135th anniversary.

Snowcrash, a guiding software development company, was founded on March 2, 2022, by two talented people, Jesse and Walter, to assist leading artists, publishers, and brands in strengthening community, value, and ownership with NFTs.

National Geographic, a famous media publisher, is honoring its long legacy by bringing together its photographers and online artists to submit their artwork on “daybreak”. Snowcrash will transform these works into NFT technology and make them available to enthusiasts. Moreover, the initiative will be extremely beneficial to aspiring photographers looking for an opportunity to be featured on a prestigious platform.

When will the NFT Collection be Visible to Public? 

Visitors can view the collection beginning on January 17, 2023. Further, each Polygon-based NFT will be minted in 118 editions on Snowcrash, where users can pay with debit/credit cards or cryptocurrency, allowing non-crypto enthusiasts to own stuff on the blockchain. 

The collection will be available on the leading company’s official platform. On the Snowcrash platform, visitors can enjoy breathtaking sunrises and photographs of peak of Mount Everest. Witnessing such moments will surely be a treat for your eyes.



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