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One World Nation Launches a New Game – Crypto Prediction

One of the most promising global Web3 game platforms, One World Nation (OWN), launched a new short format game on their platform called Crypto Prediction, which is now in popular demand. 

Previously, Prediction was available to OWN NFT holders. However, the game is now open to all users and allows players to participate with borrowed NFTs.

New Game in the One World Nation Cryptoverse

After the success of OWN’s first game, called Crypto Fantasy, they launched Prediction for users who also wanted a casual gaming experience on the platform.  

One World Nation is a Cryptoverse of 13 crypto clans (each clan in a real-life cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc.). These crypto clans are represented by personified Crypto characters called Cryptonites which are the NFTs within the game. 

Crypto Prediction is a fun and engaging game offered by OWN, where players have to make predictions about the price movements of various cryptocurrencies in five-minute intervals. Simply put, they must choose a Cryptonite and predict whether the price will go up or down within five minutes, and players earn rewards based on the accuracy of their predictions. 

Prediction is more than just a game – it’s also a powerful learning tool. By exploring different market corners and studying real-time token graphs, players can improve their understanding of how different tokens behave and learn to identify chart patterns and make sense of candlesticks. This game also fulfills one of One World Nation’s missions to educate the public about the crypto market. The game has a user-friendly interface and a variety of tokens to choose from, making it the perfect match for anyone looking to explore the exciting world of crypto trading.

Some of the key benefits of the Prediction game are:

  • With just 1 Cryptonite NFT, you can participate in games that start every five minutes. 
  • While other players contribute to the prize pool and odds, the game is primarily about competing against yourself, making it simple and focused on a single variable.
  • You can also play with borrowed NFTs and earn rewards.
  • Prediction is more fast-paced and consists of multiple five-minute rounds throughout the day. You can always keep playing — and winning!

About One World Nation

One World Nation is a global Web3 gaming platform built on Polygon that is revolutionizing the way people engage with the crypto ecosystem. With popular games like Crypto Fantasy and Prediction, the platform offers a fun and engaging way for both Web2 and Web3 users to develop their knowledge and skills in crypto investing.

One World Nation aims to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 users by providing an intuitive and accessible platform that is easy to use and navigate for beginners. The platform is designed to be both fun and educational, encouraging players to learn more about crypto while they play.

At the heart of One World Nation is the flagship game Crypto Fantasy, where players can create their own crypto portfolio using 5 NFTs. This game is similar to any sports fantasy game out there where the score of the team depends on the real-world movement of the Crypto tokens. These NFTs can be traded or even lent for daily passive income. With innovative features like power-ups and rankings based on real market performance, One World Nation is helping players worldwide become masters of the crypto world. 

In addition to Crypto Fantasy, One World Nation offers a range of other mini-games like Raffle Rewards and Slot Machine, providing players with additional fun opportunities to earn rewards. Click here to explore the One World Nation Cryptoverse.

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More information about One World Nation can be found on their official website, as well as follow the gaming platform on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Discord.


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