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Meta is on a mission of NFT support expansion on Instagram

Meta is on a mission of NFT support expansion on Instagram

The CEO of Meta—Mark Zuckerberg—made an announcement on August 4, 2022, about extending NFT support through Instagram. Zuckerberg’s support extension hints at international expansion across 100 countries.

The social media giant initiated the NFT test launch in the month of May, which is now followed by an expansion process. The extension of NFT support on Meta’s Instagram will enable users and business owners from countries in the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Africa to regulate NFTs through their social media accounts.

Before Zuckerberg announced the expansion cross-country, only some of the select users of Instagram could avail themselves of the NFT-based support system from Meta.

Meta’s social media platform is incorporating digital asset culture

Not only did the CEO announce the NFT support system for Instagram users, but he also declared that Dapper Wallet and Coinbase Wallet can now be accessible through Instagram and will act as third-party wallets compatible with being used on the social media platform.

Flow is another business in the pipeline to form ties and be included on the Instagram platform. Instagram’s features are now updated, allowing NFT functionalities for the creators, business owners, and users. You can now share NFTs from your social media handle by tagging both the collector and creator for attribution.

Your Instagram stories, DMs, and Insta Feed are compatible for you to easily share NFTs across the various functionalities of the social media platform.

Whenever you share a digital collectible on your story or feed, it will be highlighted with a shimmering effect. It will also display information for public use, consisting of the description of the shared non-fungible token.


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