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Kurtosis plans on changing the way Web3 developers create dapps by raising $20M

Kurtosis plans on changing the way Web3 developers create dapps by raising $20M

On Thursday, August 4th, Kurtosis announced that they were raising 20 million dollars to transform how blockchain and Web3 app developers build and test distributed crypto apps.

In the Series A round, some blockchain giants participated, including Crosstimbers Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, angel investors – DataDog, and Mantis VC by Chainsmokers; Coatue led the whole process.

Kevin Today and Galen Marchetti, former Palantir engineers, founded Kurtosis in 2020. The only mission for which the end-to-end developer tool —Kurtosis—was discovered was to create a high-quality tooling system for blockchain and Web3 developers to test and build distributed apps that resemble traditional centralised service methods.

How are the Kurtosis founders willing to change the Web3 dapps’ development technique?

Kurtosis is a unique platform that plays a great role for Web3 app developers. The software engineers get access to a powerful development and testing environment, which enables them to create decentralised apps (dapps). The developers can also manipulate the environment in which the apps function.

Kurtosis allows the coders to generate applications and modify the parameters during the execution process, while offering them the ability to eliminate any of the challenges that may arise when the decentralised apps are debugged.

The Ethereum core team is using Kurtosis to work on a huge project for the development and testing of “The Merge.” Co-founder of Kurtosis, Marchetti, said that creating distributed systems is quite difficult, and several issues may come up while managing different systems, which the developing teams need while the execution cycle is on.

Therefore, with the funds raised, Kurtosis plans to expand its product and invest in the long-term goal of offering the best software development environment for the upcoming generation.


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