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India’s Mindshare is planning for the launch of Volvo in the Metaverse

India’s Mindshare is planning for the launch of Volvo in the Metaverse

Mindshare India conceptualised electric vehicles for the Volvo series to launch in the Metaverse and has named it the Volvoverse. The Managing Director of Volvo Car India, Jyoti Malhotra, will inaugurate the rechargeable Volvo XC40 in the virtual universe.

The CEO of Mindshare, South Asia, Amin Lakhani, talked to the press and said that at Mindshare, they strive to offer technologically advanced solutions to their clients for creative branding. The idea behind launching the Volvoverse XC40 was to introduce electric vehicles to an ecosystem that is sustainable while keeping the vision of Volvo in mind.

Lakhani further said that the virtual world is continuously evolving with the introduction of Web3.0 and working towards bringing many people from across the globe together. And Mindshare aims to reach out to a larger audience by entering the Metaverse with its product.

The EV launch will be the first initiative of its kind, said Lakhani, which will target the audience with an appealing campaign in the new and exciting virtual environment.

Collaborations made by Mindshare to make Volvoverse a success

Other WPP agencies, including Grey, Genesis BCW, Yonder, and Hogarth, came forward to collaborate with Mindshare to make the launch of Volvoverse a success. When Jyoti Malhotra was asked to comment on matters, Volvo was a brand that has always focused on staying at the forefront of technology and innovation.

She further stated that they have always been known across the globe for their sustainability and commitment to delivering the best products. By leveraging digital technology, Volvo India is now set for a pioneering journey.


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