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Russian Industry Association to Launch Crypto Certification Program

Russian Crypto

The Russian Association of blockchain and crypto Industry is all set to launch a crypto certification program. The candidates will be assessed and given a certificate displaying their competency level which can be authenticated on the organization’s website. Furthermore, the training will be provided to candidates who were not able to score the required number of points.

The association revealed the details of its forthcoming Crypto Certification Program on 5th of September. It sanctioned the concept of crypto trader certification proposed by the Vice president of the association, Andrei Garchev, on 4th of September. He confirmed that the program will be released in the upcoming month.

According to the RBC report, the association started evolving the criteria for this system in summer this year and now the program is all set to release.

The report elaborated that the certification program will be based on several criteria. And the assessments would be made in sectors like profit sharing, workflow, risk sharing, customer service and reporting.

The publication further stated, “The competence evaluation will be conducted according to the following criteria: knowledge of technical analysis, knowledge of fundamental analysis, knowledge of semantic analysis, knowledge of risk management, knowledge of money management, skills of drawing up of trading strategy, trading planning skills, margin trading skills, [and] self-control skills.”

The Russian Association of Crypto industry and blockchain formerly called as the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB) declared its name change on September 6, keeping its abbreviation unaltered.  

The RBC further added, “Applicants will receive a certificate confirming the level of their competence. Each registered document has a unique number that can be checked on the organization’s website in the corresponding section.”

The news report explained that the association said both traders and fund managers can take part in the program. By traders, Grachev denoted to those exchanging professionally for customers.

He further told RBC, “The certification will not be free, because if a person is going to professionally handle this activity and manage other people’s money, he must have some [of his] own capital. There will be several levels such as basic and professional for when a person has certain experience and business level.”

The Russian association additionally has been keeping a record of whitelisted crypto firms from July this year. What do you think about the Russian Association launching a crypto certification program?

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