Everything You Need To Start Trading On PrimeXBT: Academy, Copy Top Traders, & Contests

Bear markets regularly turn investors into traders. Investing only works when markets are rising, while trading lets you take advantage of every price swing that takes place – up, down, or even sideways. 

But trading isn’t as simple as it sounds. It takes skill, natural talent, education, patience, and the ability to get up again and again after being knocked down. It also takes strict emotional control and a killer instinct.

Fortunately, most of these skills can be taught –– and with enough practice, can be perfected and put to use in global markets to profit on a regular basis. If you have been looking to get started trading but aren’t sure how, here is everything you need to get started trading on PrimeXBT.

PrimeXBT Trading Academy: Your Trading Career Starts Here

PrimeXBT is an award-winning margin trading platform offering powerful trading tools and innovative cryptocurrency-based products and services. But like any tool, it is only as effective as the person using the tool. Long and short positions on leverage can lead to capital loss without an understanding of risk management and profit targets already in mind.

All of these techniques can be learned directly from expert trader Dirk Hartig who runs the PrimeXBT Trading Academy. Hartig uses more than 20 years of real-world experience and knowledge to teach traders the ropes. Video tutorials include everything from basic technical analysis tips, to more advanced trading strategies. The educational website is free to use, so take advantage and learn as much as you can.

PrimeXBT Contests: Practice Trading Strategies With No Risk

Even with a wealth of knowledge, before you hit global markets, practice your newfound trading skills in a no-risk market environment with PrimeXBT Contests. PrimeXBT Contests’ primary objective is to let traders compete using risk-free virtual funds for a chance to win crypto rewards and prizes. 

However, because there is no risk of loss, newcomers to trading can practice until they feel more comfortable putting the strategies learned from PrimeXBT Trading Academy to use. More skilled traders can also use PrimeXBT Contests to backtest trading strategies and technical indicators. Of course, winning crypto-based prizes can also kickstart a traders’ career with some initial starting capital 

Covesting Copy Trading: The Next Level Of Your Trading Career

If any hesitance remains, new traders can copy other more successful traders from the Covesting copy trading module leaderboard system. Top-ranked traders currently have as much as 4,000% ROI during the ongoing downtrend. The incredible performance shows what is possible when PrimeXBT trading tools are put in the right hands. Following these traders allows anyone to copy the trades and ride the success these strategy managers are experiencing. 

Another alternative for traders who show exceptional natural talent after getting started, and believe they can join the ranks of the strategy managers in Covesting. Anyone can become a strategy manager with Covesting –– it is up to the trader to show strong enough performance to climb the ranks and attract followers. Since strategy managers earn a cut from followers’ profits, there is plenty of incentive to give it a try.

Passive Investing And Other Ways To Earn With PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT also provides passive investing options through idle crypto asset staking with Covesting yield accounts. By staking idle crypto assets, users get daily crypto payouts to the staking balance. APY rates reach as high as 13% during peak market conditions. APYs can be boosted by activating COV token memberships.

The PrimeXBT referral program is another way traders can earn income passively. Simply invite friends, family, or followers to join the platform, and earn up to 20% commissions and four-levels of referrals from your network. All it takes is sharing an easy to use referral link on social media and elsewhere online.

Summary: PrimeXBT Is The Place To Get Started Out Trading

PrimeXBT lets traders do everything along the way of their trading careers, starting from buying their first cryptocurrency, to learning how to trade, and eventually utilizing the powerful margin trading tools like long and short positions. Short positions can help investors hedge spot positions, while the flexibility of both lets traders profit no matter what direction the market moves in.

If you are ready to begin your trading career, the best place to get started is PrimeXBT. With the PrimeXBT Trading Academy, Contests, and Covesting copy trading, everything you need is all in one place.

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