Noft Games Announce Monstrous Halloween Cup

is excited to announce an open tournament to coincide with the All Saints’ Eve this October. Noft Games, a Binance Smart Chain-based Web3 game, has been live since 2021, with eight NFT collections of alien Noft monsters introduced to the game. Battles of Halloween Nofts and intriguing lore of the game – no other things mix better for delivering perfect Halloween vibes. 

The event is revolving around Nofts featuring the Halloween Nightmare collection. The drop features dozens of pumpkin-headed Nofts with an eerie entourage and matching haunted appearance. Apart from being an in-game character, each Noft is a tradable BEP-721 token with a unique set of abilities and distinct looks.

The tournament is advertised to be free for all the participants holding an NFT from Noft Games’ Halloween collection who manage to join before the 28th of October. Prior to the event, Noft Games updated their in-app marketplace, adding a secondary market for gamers. To enter the tournament, users are welcome to purchase the Halloween Nofts at the floor price of as low as 0.15 BNB. 

The tournament aims to offer an extensive BNB prize pool, $500 of which is funded by Noft Games, the rest will comprise entry fees. The partner fundraising is also in process and the pool keeps growing. Participants may want to hurry up to sign in as the entry fee is increasing from 0 to $10 for those registering after the 28th of October. The team is real-time informing on the expanding prize pool as the event approaches. For now, everybody is welcome to join free.  

Noft Games is here for Halloween to cater some fun, festive atmosphere, and attractive rewards to all the participants! Visit the dedicated web page to register for the cup and find more details.  

Noft Games 

Noft Games has been building its Web3 gaming community since 2021, gathering gaming lovers and NFT enthusiasts under one hood. The main aspiration behind the project is to bring Play to Earn opportunities into gaming and engage gamers in blockchain and NFTs. 

Noft Games advocate a borderless entry into Web3 gaming through Free to Play features and offer crypto-earning opportunities to passionate gamers. The project’s roadmap sets the clear goal of expanding the Nofts Universe into a Metaverse, featuring more P2E games. 

The project has recently launched an in-game currency, Astron (ASTR), set to become a Noft Games native BEP-20 token soon. The team gives players early access to a future token by allocating ASTR for battling, joining tournaments, and performing daily tasks.  

| Halloween Cup Page |  Marketplace | Twitter | Discord 

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