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DO-GI-OH project announces their first ambassador – Reed Stark

DO-GI-OH is a project created for gamers and dog lovers alike; our goal is to bring good quality games to the world of WEB 3. Games that players can play and enjoy, not only earn from. 

The Dogioh Metaverse will consist of multiple locations where players can communicate and take part in special events, visit the NFT marketplace and, of course, lounges where players will be able to join their favourite games. 

As the DO-GI-OH Fight club alpha release is set to arrive in less than 3 months and our first 100 NFT drop is just around the corner, we’re happy to announce our first one out of 5 ambassadors. Who is the first ambassador you may ask?

Reed Stark is a professional BMX rider for BSD, a clothing designer for his own Safari State brand, and rides the line between genius and insanity in the best way. Together with Reed, the DO-GI-OH team has created 5 unique skins that will transform him into a true upgradable and tradable NFT character. 

With our 5 Ambassadors onboard, 25 % of the first NFT drop will consist of rare, signature NFTs that was personalized by the Ambassadors themselves.

As mentioned previously, the NFT-ed characters will be released in a collection-based manner, with multiple variables influencing each fighter’s base attribute — a rarity. 

Combined with the release of the $DOGIOH token, as an interoperable utility to support in-game transactions, character and upgrade purchases, and more, we’re on a journey to create a one-of-a-kind P2E Metaverse that includes multiple games and lobbies where players can chat and participate in special events.

This will be the first game that we want to release. After this, we want to work on a more extensive game scale development, introducing a Metaverse of sorts. A similar example would be Club Penguin. Where players can communicate with one another, they can go to different game lobbies. We plan to introduce a skiing game, driving and more.

Stay tuned for the future ambassador and game development updates!

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