Gaming Aurora Metaverse Gives Everybody an Opportunity to Earn and Govern its Development

The main feature of the Aurora metaverse is that members of its community not only earn by playing games provided for free, but also can manage the development of the metaverse and the creation of new games, and create their own meaningful content that they can trade on the NFT-marketplace.


Native token and NFT marketplace

The native AURORA token has been launched on the most popular now BNB Chain (former Binance Smart Chain, BSC). It is the most efficient blockchain, surpassing Ethereum in many ways in terms of bandwidth, scaling, and low fees. AURORA token is the main currency of the metaverse, with its users buy and sell game items, as well as make transfers and pay for work or receive payment for work performed from other users. Users who hold AURORA on their balance get the opportunity to participate in governing the development of the metaverse according to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) principle. The more AURORA a user has on his balance, the more significant is his role while voting on proposals for the Aurora ecosystem development, and the more likely that his own proposals will be supported by the community.

The AURORA token is also used when buying and selling NFTs on the internal marketplace. The NFT marketplace is used for minting and trading. Each user can participate in the creation of content in the metaverse, and the ownership of the created products is secured with the pegged NFTs. It is going about any kind of creative work including art, memes, music, in-game items etc. All of that kind will be minted on Aurora Marketplace at 2% fee. Creators can charge the NFT’s worth to sell them. And buyers come on platform for free to buy the NFTs.


Hyper-deflationary model

A powerful deflationary mechanism is used to increase the price of the AURORA token as the community grows and its members buy and sell tokens. The main way to keep the price of AURORA high is to burn the part of the tokens. Initial total supply is 10K Trillion AURORAs. Burnt supply differs from 15% as purchase deflation fee to 20% as selling deflation fee. When the token supply is destroyed to 3000W Billion, the destroying will be stopped.

In addition, continuous growth in the value of the token will also be ensured as the Aurora metaverse expands and the demand for the AURORA token rises because it is used as the main currency. Any kind of creative work including art, memes, videos, music, etc are considered as products that maintain the rate the AURORA. They will be sold via NFT on the NFT marketplace.


P2E gameplay

Aurora metaverse is a convenient environment where users can take advantage of GameFi. This is the future of the cryptocurrency industry, as GameFi meets two user needs at once – the need to earn money and the need for entertainment. This is the main idea of all metaverses, but in Aurora this idea is also reinforced by the opportunity for the community to influence its development in the desired direction.

Users are rewarded for the time spent in the game. They can also earn valuable artifacts, which are then sold or traded on the NFT marketplace. All games in the metaverse are connected, and item from one game can be used in another. Valuable materials, fuel, tools, or weapons, or rare assets can be moved from game to game, following the market approach and allowing gamers to get additional profits using the difference in prices in different games. This makes the economy of the metaverse truly market-based, sustainable, and rapidly growing. The game can affect the metaverse, just as the metaverse can affect the game. This makes the gameplay even more fun.

In games, the socialization of users also takes place. This means that the Aurora metaverse additionally becomes a decentralized social network without blocking, where all are equal and can develop this network on equal basis. Socialization increases user trust in each other, and this contributes to the Aurora metaverse development rapidly.

Aurora Dimension Approach

The Aurora Dimension approach is realized to enable rapid growth of the metaverse and attract new users and developers. People who believe in Aurora Dimension, in its vision and community, can bring the vibrant future to Aurora. Aurora uses some discoveries and findings from meme coin’s projects like DOGE and even BNB – BNB Chain native coin. If project developers are willing to share in the future success of the Aurora metaverse, they can join the team. There is a lot of interesting work ahead, in which specialists can improve their expertise in simulation, VR, AR, computer graphics, man-machine interface, multimedia, sensor and network techs and others. New users and community members are encouraged via airdrops, rewards at competitions and general reward programs. The very opportunity of playing for free with earnings will be very attractive and guarantee a rapid growth of the community. In turn, the larger the Aurora metaverse community, the more powerful its economy becomes. Thanks to the community driven approach, more funds will be invested in the development of new games and NFTs. A world full of fun space-level adventures, where fair and transparent relationships between all users are established, will become an attractive space where everyone can get what he needs.


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