Dacxi Review: New ‘Crypto Wealth Café’ podcast

How do you take a ‘long-term’ approach to crypto? Which cryptocurrencies are best for building long-term wealth? What are the broad macro trends we need to sit up and take notice of? And which short-term trends aren’t worth losing any sleep over? These are all big crypto questions, and there are no simple answers. But Dacxi is stepping in to help fill the knowledge gap, with its new free podcast series, Crypto Wealth Cafe.

Hosted by crypto-industry veteran Andy Pickering, the weekly podcast focuses on the long-term crypto perspective. Where most crypto podcasts are made for speculative traders – driven by the daily news cycle and short-term market movements – Crypto Wealth Café is different. It offers a deep dive into the macro conditions, blockchain technology developments, and economic issues that can affect the future of cryptocurrencies.

Over the past few weeks, the Crypto Wealth Cafe has covered:

  • Crypto and the Exponential Age
  • How markets react to major geo-political events
  • Is Web3 the next big wealth creation opportunity?
  • The crypto crash and why you shouldn’t worry
  • Mainstream adoption trends in crypto

Why Crypto Wealth builders should pay attention to the macro

For crypto, macro analysis is about the external economic, demographic, technological, natural, social and political forces, which influence cryptocurrency and its performance. 

Macro questions can be political, like, “what happens if China bans Bitcoin?” Or they can be technical, like, “how will tokenization change the way we invest?” Micro questions, on the other hand, are much more specific. Like, for example, “how will individuals react to a significant dip in the price of Bitcoin?”

As a once-weekly series, ‘Crypto Wealth Café’ isn’t driven by the relentless news cycle. It makes time and space for thoughtful analysis and reflection on recent events, while placing them within broader macro trends. 

That said, those micro questions shouldn’t be ignored. In the world of crypto, it’s important to have a solid understanding of both the macro and the micro. That’s one thing the ‘Crypto Wealth Café’ has nailed – with Andy exploring both macro and micro concerns in each episode.

Who is Andy Pickering? 

Andy Pickering is a senior editor at Brave New Coin; a data and research company focused on the blockchain and cryptographic assets industry. 

Like his viewers, Andy is committed to a long-term Crypto Wealth strategy. Based in New Zealand, Andy has run professional introductory courses on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He has a laid-back and approachable style, which makes crypto feel accessible to investors of all levels. Andy also has a unique ability to seek out the most interesting and relevant topics, which are shaping the future of long-term wealth creation. For ‘Crypto Wealth Café’, that innate ability has proven a real asset. 

If you want to invest in crypto with your long-term wealth in mind – or if you want to build a deeper understanding of the cryptoverse’s macro trends – check out ‘Crypto Wealth Café’. We highly recommend it. 

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