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Going listed on an exchange is a very important step for each crypto project because if your coin is not listed, it has limited or no value at all. This, undoubtedly, creates a challenge that the company has to cope with. Let’s see how the story is likely to unfold:

  • Your intention is to make your project gradually more available to the public.
  • You consider listing the startup on an exchange.
  • You negotiate with crypto exchanges and hope your coins will be put up for sale soon.
  • But here is where a problem arises — larger exchanges are interested in liquidity.

A crypto project with little follower support cannot boast of high liquidity, not to mention its limited funding. So, it is smarter for the project team to seek a listing on a small exchange where they can build a good reputation and the liquidity required for further migration to a larger exchange.

How P2PB2B Helps Start-ups

The P2PB2B crypto exchange gets requests from various projects to list their respective coins or tokens and presents an opportunity for the coins to get instantly listed on the exchange. Of course, P2PB2B experts conduct a detailed analysis of every coin concerning the marketing aspects, underlying technology, and numerous other factors before listing it on the exchange platform. However, the coin listing process is not hindered by a stringent set of guidelines, which gives a chance to many good but not widely promoted projects.

All in all, P2PB2B is ready to provide you with a simple guide to listing a cryptocurrency while also continuously working to streamline the process even further.

How P2PB2B Helps Investors

Crypto listing on P2PB2B provides your future investors with all the information about the fundamentals of your project and helps them fully understand its features before acting.

  • P2PB2B makes the best efforts to list high-quality projects.
  • Its cryptocurrency specialists spend at least a few hours a day doing market research to deliver the most up-to-date information.
  • All important factors are taken into account, such as how an asset is built and coded or how it works in the crypto economy.
  • The P2PB2B team brings a wealth of crypto and financial services experience.
  • It provides actionable data analytics to institutions and traders, which helps investors make informed decisions.

The high-touch team delivers the trust, security, and performance needed by investors to trade with confidence and profit.


P2PB2B is ready to work together with all builders and believers of the crypto economy and create an open financial system for all the parties to thrive. The team has built up knowledge and implemented proper tools to ensure transparency and security in all its services, including IEO, IDO, and other available options. Every day, the crypto listing agency is one step closer to providing everyone with easy and secure access to the crypto economy.

Contact P2PB2B to get more information and learn all the ways you can use to drive your crypto project forward.

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