ChangeNOW – User-Centric, Fast, and Secure Crypto Exchange Platform

Ladies and gentlemen, we have spent years looking for the best crypto exchange platforms out there trying to find the best (and the worst!) among them so that you don’t have to. Today we will be talking about the ChangeNOW platform. Now (no pun intended), some of you might be familiar with the service already, and if you are, we would love to know your opinions about it, and if you are not, brace yourselves because we have a lot to unwrap!

What Is ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW is a non-custodial crypto-to-crypto, and fiat-to-crypto exchange platform, which means that you are not under the scrutiny of big financial institutions and regulators, and also that you stay in possession of your private keys. In other words, you keep your privacy, do not have to go through KYC protocols, and do not have to register (though that remains an option if you wish) and are in charge of your funds without a custodian. Decentralized by nature, ChangeNOW is also capable of providing transparent and fair exchange rates – you know the exact amount spent at any time. You won’t be suddenly charged hidden fees nor will you be at a loss trying to understand where part of your funds went.

Key Features

I might have gotten a little bit ahead of myself in the previous section and already disclosed some of the main selling points of the platform, though that could also apply to other non-specific decentralized non-custodial exchanges, so what makes ChangeNOW so unique?

Made with Users in Mind

Well, let’s start with the obvious, it is incredibly user-friendly in its design. Its web platform opens with all of the financial information anyone would like to know and then proceeds to guide the user across the website, while its mobile app is somehow able to provide an even more accessible experience. Want to buy crypto? Maybe exchange it? Send? Receive? Stake it? Worry not, anything can happen within 4 clicks. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you are sure to save time and avoid any hassles that could come up along the way.

Limitless Transactions

You might be wondering, “if I get all of that accessibility coupled with the great rates, what if I want to do a huge number of transactions, am I limited somehow?” The answer to that is that no, you are not! You can buy, sell, and trade as much as you want, with a minimum exchange amount as low as $2 (and the maximum being largely determined by yourself).

There’s Something for Everyone

While browsing the news about crypto and tech in general you might get familiar with some interesting upcoming Web3 projects, decide to invest yourself in NFT collections, or yet in P2E (play-to-earn) games. For that, you need to first buy the crypto they are in, be that Ethereum, SAND, Tezos, or any of the other countless options around. That vastitude can be a problem for many exchange platforms, though not for ChangeNOW! It grants you access to nothing short of 400 different assets that are sure to please both the newcomers looking for stability and convenience and experienced traders looking for uncommon or rare currency pairs. You don’t have to take my word for that, check their website and see for yourself if you can find your preferred token!

Moreover, the platform also counts with support for more than 50 fiat currencies, meaning you can swap your crypto for another all you want until the need arises for you to transform that into fiat again – which is not only done at a better rate than at any other exchange but also quicker, taking an average of 5 minutes time to process the transaction (and also providing you with the possibility to track the progress and request a refund in the rare case of the swap getting stuck).

Community and Support

We understand that technicalities are important and relevant to any discussion concerning money and investments, but let’s quickly address another aspect: the community behind the platform. It has a dedicated team constantly on top of the latest tech innovations in the industry, which is reflected in the quality of the product presented to us, thousands of user reviews, and an average 4.8 rate out of 5 on Trustpilot reviews.

Its support has a high-frequency presence in the comments, always trying to solve the problems in a timely manner, and for the most complex cases, it counts on a highly skilled team of specialists that range from managers to engineers responsible for its exemplary response time of about 2 minutes. You can check a profound investigation recently done by Bitcoinist to check for more details.

On top of all of that, ChangeNOW also offers a great blog page with news and analysis of different crypto assets, market predictions, recommendations, and reviews, so make sure to check that out!


ChangeNOW is an exchange platform that arrived to completely raise the standard to which we, users, need to hold companies. It provides terrific service and offers the best buck for your money – and time. It has dependable customer service, great rates, and a well-designed service that is simple enough to use for all interested in investing or trading cryptocurrencies. Don’t miss out on this one, and be sure to share your experience so the service can continue to improve over time!


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