Anbruggen Capital: The Resilience Of Bitcoin Over Time

Back when Bitcoin cryptocurrency was somewhere around $800 a coin, it was still very much a novelty. 99.9 people out of 100 couldn’t figure out how the digital currency no one could see but was made of software code could even be that valuable in the first place. However, there it was, actually worth something real dollar-wise and slowly growing. The days had already gone by when 10 or so Bitcoin were used to buy a pizza. Now it was worth almost $1,000 and expensive. Yet who had any idea at that time the same digital currency would then skyrocket above $64,000 a coin a few years later? And that’s exactly what happened in 2021, in the middle of a pandemic no less; Bitcoin’s price broke $60,000 twice the same year.

So now, at the beginning of 2023 and well into the depths of a crypto winter when everything seems to have crashed, government financial regulators seem to be having the last laugh. In reality, however, Bitcoin isn’t going away. Investing experts like Anbruggen.Capital expect the opposite to happen, more so now than ever in the last two years. While BTC has dropped to a depth of the mid $16,000 in the worst of the recent value fall, the first of the cryptocurrencies is already back up over $20,000 again in value. In fact, if one looks at the full value lifespan of Bitcoin so far, it has continued to appreciate in value, on average doubling every three or so years.

For assets, including gold, Bitcoin has proven to be one of the most resilient investments available today. No matter what has been thrown at the coin, including the latest curveballs of regulation, whale investors are not liquidating their Bitcoin positions en masse. What is happening instead is that many of the major holders keep adding to their positions with every major dip in price. And that consistently keeps raising the underlying value floor of the crypto grandaddy.

While Bitcoin did not reach the stellar heights of breaking $100,000/coin that many originally predicted when it was rising fast during the COVID outbreak start, the coin has not performed a flaming Icarus fall down to earth either. And now, with a very stabilized new floor, market watchers like Anbruggen Capital see a very strong opportunity to get into Bitcoin as a discount cost considering where it will likely go in another three years, again sticking to the digital coin’s historical trend.

Could Bitcoin falter again? It’s a digital cryptocurrency, so there is always risk in its performance. However, the cryptocurrency as a value holder and money transfer tool has become a proven case. What Bitcoin ushered into financial reality isn’t going to go back into Pandora’s Box, no matter how much regulators and the bank industry would prefer otherwise. This is why Anbruggen.Capital continues to be staked in Bitcoin’s future long-term. The functionality is already proven; now, what remains to be seen is how far the digital coin tracked as BTC will go in 2023 forward.

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