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The Swiss Digital Bank Sygnum Is Opening a Metaverse Hub for Emerging Crypto-Powered Metaverse Economies

The Swiss Digital Bank Sygnum Is Opening a Metaverse Hub for Emerging Crypto-Powered Metaverse Economies

The Swiss Digital Bank Sygnum has announced that it will officially launch the “Decentraland hub” with a live stream event on September 27, 2022. Visitors will have to visit Decentraland and enter the virtual Sygnum Bank hub to join the event, which will take place inside the hub itself. Setup and entry should take a few minutes without any specialized software.

Located in the virtual version of New York Times Square, Sygnum will use Decentraland as its Web3 entrance into the metaverse.

Besides the CryptoPunk receptionist in the lobby, there’s an interactive NFT gallery and exhibition space for upcoming product launches. The receptionist in the featured image is modelled after CryptoPunk #6808, a prestigious NFT that the bank tokenised in December 2021.

The Decentraland: What’s To Come?

Decentraland opened to the public in February 2020 and has been the venue for many illustrious events since then. In March 2022, Decentraland hosted Metaverse Fashion Week, which featured top luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Hogan, and Paco Rabanne. This metaverse uses the MANA money to make it possible to buy virtual products, services, and land.

Visitors can explore Sygnum’s predictions for the future of money by navigating an avatar around the building. Additionally, they will be able to interact with receptionist CryptoPunk #6808, who can explain the bank’s commitment to “encouraging innovative communication and engagement.”

According to a recent McKinsey study, the metaverse could reach $5 trillion in value by 2030. Furthermore, the paper asserts that the metaverse will offer superior user experiences when connected devices gradually integrate the physical, digital, financial, and social worlds.

“Sygnum’s chief client officer, Martin Burgherr, believes that investment in the metaverse is accelerating, driven by crypto-enabled retail transactions and a new generation of digital natives.



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