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Stoney Society Will Offer Community Members Metaverse Auctions and In-Person Events 

The advent of blockchain technology has helped accelerate a large number of industries. Through its exciting features, some of which include immutability and permanence, blockchain is aiding the merging of different industries, and a few emerging projects are leading the way. One of such is the Stoney Society NFT project.

Cleverly combining the cannabis and crypto sectors, Stoney Society, as the name implies, is a cannabis-backed NFT collection comprising 8,888 rare, well-designed, and specially crafted NFT pieces. Stored on the Ethereum blockchain, these digital pieces are ERC-721 tokens that hold a ton of rewards for owners. Per the team, 8,888 Stoney Society NFTs will be put up for sale, while the remainder of 50 pieces will be set aside for giveaways, promotions, and charities.  

The Stoney team, passionate about cannabis and is on a mission to make this plant legally accepted and cheaper for community members. 

Stoney Society has been designed to offer a wide range of features—incentivization through its loyalty program, a charity scheme that aims at advocating for the legalization of cannabis, P2E game, and a whole lot of other facets. Taking things up a notch, Stoney Society has incorporated a plethora of events—in-person events and metaverse auctions. 

Stoney Society In-person Events 

Aimed at holding regular monthly events, Stoney Society, according to the project white paper, will carry forward with monthly events. While most projects opt for virtual events through their Discord channels, Stoney Society introduces the concept of in-person events where holders or community members will interact, share ideas, and discuss pertinent issues with other members. 

For charity purposes, the Stoney Society team will host metaverse events, celebrity appearances, branding, and charity auctions. Furthermore, Stoney Society will kick off a cannabis awareness campaign, and according to the team, a certain percentage of royalties from the NFT collection sale will be set aside for advocating for the legalization of cannabis in the United States. 

Through these in-person metaverse events, Stoney Society will look to consolidate its stance as an industry leader. Additionally, the decision to run a DAO-powered governance system where community members reserve the right to vote on venues for future events, celebrity appearances, event schedules, and charity options further cements its stance as a truly decentralized project with users’ interest at heart. 

Stoney society is marketing this project as an exclusive stealth society that prioritizes members’ interests. Prospective members can become a part of this society by being active members of the Stoney Society Discord server, inviting new members to the community, retweeting, engaging in contests, and requesting a whitelist spot. In addition, Stoney Society has partnered with a plethora of dispensaries and has planned out discounts and perks community members will stand to enjoy. 

The $NUGZ airdrop is planned later down the roadmap, where all holders of Stoney Society NFTs will receive $NUGZ tokens proportional to the amount of NFTs they hold. The 420 members who mint an ultra rare PLUGGED Stoney will get 10x the amount of $NUGZ tokens in the airdrop and also receive $NUGZ on a monthly basis for however long the PLUGGED Stoney NFT is held.

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