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Netflix and Polygon collaborated to develop NFTs for Autism Awareness

Netflix and Polygon collaborated to develop NFTs for Autism Awareness

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the producers of one of the most loved OTT platforms, are combining forces with Polygon to establish an NFT community.

The proposed NFT project will be known as the “Extraordinary Whales Club.” The project’s name is an inspiration from an ongoing South Korean drama that showcases the story of an autistic lawyer fascinated by whales.

Not only will Polygon, in collaboration with Netflix sponsors, establish a Non-Fungible Token Community, but they also intend to form a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which will aid the two platforms in raising autism awareness.

To raise awareness about ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and establish DAO, Ethereum-based crypto platform Polygon and the parent company of Netflix plan to raise funds to support ASD charities.

What is the crypto scenario in South Korea?

Aside from the development of a decentralised organisation and an NFT community inspired by the South Korean drama, the country is undergoing several other blockchain-related changes., one of the major crypto currency exchange platforms, has acquired two South Korean firms to expand its units across the country. The new acquisitions made by have enabled South Korean citizens to access a Virtual Asset Service Provider.

Also, a bank employee from the Busan Bank (BNK) in South Korea has allegedly embezzled around 1.48 billion dollars from the funds of the clients for investing in Bitcoin.

Amidst some serious growth in the establishment of digital currency transactions in South Korea, the country’s central government has delayed the implementation of a 20% tax on the capital gains from cryptocurrency trading.


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