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Boring Company will accept Dogecoin for Loop Rides

Boring Company will accept Dogecoin for Loop Rides

The Boring Company, which is a subsidiary of Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX companies, is now accepting Dogecoin as payment for Loop trips. The Boring Company first said that Dogecoin could be used as a form of payment on July 1, according to CNN on Wednesday (July 6, 2022).

In Las Vegas, people who use Tesla’s Loop transportation system will be able to pay with cryptocurrency instead of cash. The original ride went 150 mph, but the Loop ride only goes 35 mph.

Cost for the trip

A single trip will cost $1.50, and a day pass will cost $2.50. If you don’t want to pay in DOGE, you can also pay in US dollars or with a credit card. Passengers can ride the Loop for free right now, but they will have to pay in the future. At the Las Vegas Convention Center, the first Loop station opened, and more than 50 other stations are being built on the Vegas Strip.

In May, Elon Musk said that his space exploration company, SpaceX, would soon follow Tesla in accepting DOGE as payment for goods. The latest news shows that the billionaire still supports Dogecoin, even though Tesla and SpaceX are being sued for $258 billion.

A Doge investor who was upset with Tesla CEO Elon Musk sued him, saying that he was running an illegal pyramid scheme. Dogecoin is now 90% below its all-time high of $0.73 in May 2021.


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