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The Ultimate One Piece Filler List Guide!

one piece filler list

One Piece Filler List is one of the keywords that’s been googled a lot.In this article, we will understand how much of one piece is filler and will investigate the One Piece Filler list.

We should discover why a One Piece anime filler list is very mainstream! The anime One piece was originally a manga. 

It is one of the well-known and top of the line anime series out there and hence the requirement for filler arcs came into existence. One piece has a proper fan base for the manga as well as the anime and the size of that fan base is by all accounts expanding sensibly consistently. 

Consequently, the need for energizing side-stories are self-evident. 

What are filler arcs and why do we need a One Piece fillers list?

The filler arcs are a set of episodes that air in between principle storyline arcs but still carries a vast fan base. These fillers influence the fundamental story advancement in an extraordinary way and consequently the fillers become an essential aspect of the show. 

However, the subject of “How much of One piece is filler?” emerges. That is why we have to do a top to bottom examination of all arcs in the one piece fillers list and of the list of one piece filler episodes.

The show, One Piece, in light of the manga which is the fundamental storyline, required filler arcs to give a remarkable point of view to its fans.


S.NO. Episode Episode Name
1 54–61 Apis Arc
2 131 – 135 After Alabasta arc
3 136 – 138 Goat
4 139 – 143 Rainbow Mist arc
5 196 to 206 G-8 arc
6 220 to 224 Ocean Dream
7 225 to 226 Foxy Pirates Returns
8 326 to 335 Accino Family arc
9 382 to 384 Spa Island arc
10 426 to 429 Little East Blue Island
11 575 to 578 Z’s Ambition
12 626 to 628 Ceasar Retrieval
13 747 to 750 Silver Mine Arc
14 780 to 782 Marine Rookie
15 895 to 896 Carbonic Acid King



  1. Now that we took a glimpse of the One Piece fillers list, you might have the rough answer to your question- “How much of One Piece is filler?”. Yet, the need for a One piece fillers list guide is as yet an inquiry.
  2. Now, we are going into the conversation of the principle filler arcs of One Piece Filler List. There’s another list of one piece filler episodes in the end segment of this article for your filler one piece list.


One Piece Filler List:


  1. 54–61 [8 Episodes]: The Apis Arc is otherwise called Warship Island Arc. Apis is the name of a young lady seen in this arc. In this arc, Luffy and his group help Apis and his companion Dragon Ryuji to fly again and spared them from marines.
  2. 131 – 135 [5 Episodes]: When the Luffy was vanquished by the crocodile and had assisted with sparing the Alabasta realm. These episodes were shot after that occasion.
  3. 136 – 138[3 Episodes]: There was a goat and a more seasoned man. The elderly person was genuinely dealing with the goat when the scene takes some energizing turns.
  4. 139 – 143 [5 Episodes]: In these episodes, the old-man attempts to uncover the mystery for going to space and the pirate tries to rule on the straw hats on the island.
  5. 196 – 206 [11 Episodes]: In this arc, the crew was attempting to spare the Merry just before escaping the ship from the danger. The incident in this arc is filled with jam-stuffed energy and elation.
  6. 220 – 224 [5 Episodes]: Finally, the group shows up at the water seven.
  7. 225 – 226 [2 Episodes]: After the Davy back fight concluded, at last, the defeat of foxy is depicted in these episodes. This is one of the exciting arcs from this anime filler One Piece list.
  8. 326 – 335 [10 Episodes]: The hunters collaborated with the pirates and the dander was encompassing the sunny. Finally, the show finishes up as the Straw Hats’ Jolly Roger is taken.
  9. 382 – 384 [3 Episodes]: The delightful island on which the team was attempting to relax transforms into a damaging spot toward the finish of the arc. This arc is quite an interesting addition to the anime filler list one piece.
  10. 426 – 429 [4 Episodes]: The Straw hat arrives at this island and stops the Largo pirate’s fiendish arrangement.
  11. 626 – 628 [3 Episodes]: The filler was based on the appearance of a mystery man who is moving above. For the designs to succeed, it is indispensable for the pirates and the clown to buckle down together.
  12. 747 – 750 [4 Episodes]: Luffy and Bartolommeo were attempting to get away from the island through enormous fortresses. The episode ends up being secretive.
  13. 780 – 782 [3 Episodes]: This arc takes place before the entire cake island arc. The destitute Straw hats chooses to steel food from a marine base which they see while in transit to getting back Sanji from Big Mom.
  14. 895 – 896 [2 Episodes]: Straw hats while in transit to arrive at Wano goes out of cola stock on the ship. So, they decided to top-up it on the island that has a soda manufacturing plant on it. This is where the Carbonic Acid King arc occurs.


How Much of One Piece is Filler?

  1. Unlike Most anime series, One Piece has an extremely low level of fillers (10%). With an aggregate of 99 announced filler scenes, the level of fillers is lower than that of different animes. This reality is evident from a brief look at the One Piece anime filler list.
  2. This probably responded to the inquiry “How much of One Piece is filler?”. You probably saw that a portion of the arcs might feel like Canon as well as filler after you take an inside and out investigation of the arcs as shown above in the One piece fillers list.

Conclusion- One Piece Filler List

One Piece Filler list is properly discussed in this article. Apart from these, the episodes of Little East Blue, Z’s, Marine Rookie, Carbonic are likewise a portion of different fillers that are excluded from the One Piece Filler List.

What’s more exciting than watching an anime series that makes the viewer’s mind dance to the wave of incoming emotions like thrill, riddle, tolerance, unwinding and so forth? 

The manga of the One-piece is viewed by an incredible set of watchers and publicity is growing step by step among the watchers. The fanbase is effectively developing at an exponential rate.

Some viewers are keen to skip the filler episodes when the show gets this thrilling, and hence the need for a One Piece fillers list and the question of “How much of One Piece is Filler” arose on the internet. The needs of the viewers are well addressed in this article about anime filler list One Piece.

One Piece is trying to exhibit its full potential with all the thrill and excitement. An even more thrilling and exhilarating storyline is yet to be aired in the future.

Please let us know if you have any queries. NOW, YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR SHOW with our One Piece Filler List.

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