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A Proper Guide for the Fillers of Anime: One Piece Filler List!

one piece filler list

One piece is a top-rated and popular show among the fans. A proper fan base is there for all the manga and required a one piece filler list. The popularity is increasing at a reasonable rate among the users. Therefore, we can say that filler arcs are essential among manga to create an exciting side-storyline.

The filler arc is those episodes that are not based on the main storyline but carries a huge fan-following. These fillers help the main-storyline to grow uniquely.

If we talk about One piece, it is based on the manga that is the main storyline, but still, there a few fillers arcs. These help the manga to give a new view to the viewers.

Anime Fillers

EpisodeEpisode Name
1Episodes 54–61Apis Arc
2Episode 131 to 135After Alabasta arc
3Episode 136 to 138Goat
4Episode 139 to 143Rainbow Mist arc
5Episode 196 to 206G-8 arc
6Episode 220 to 224Ocean Dream
7Episode 225 to 226Foxy Pirates Returns
8Episode 326 to 335Accino Family arc
9Episode 382 to 384Spa Island arc
10Episode 426 to 429Little East Blue Island
11 Episode 575 to 578Z’s Ambition
12Episode 626 to 628Ceasar Retrieval
13Episode 747 to 750Silver Mine Arc
14Episode 780 to 782Marine Rookie
15Episode 895 to 896Carbonic Acid King

Now, we will be discussing the filler arcs of One Piece Filler List below.

One Piece Filler List:

  1. Episodes 54–61 based on Apis Arc  : It is also known as Warship Island Arc. In this arc, Luffy and crew help a little girl named Apis and his friend Dragon Ryuji to fly again and saved them from marines. This arc has a total of 8 episodes from 54 to 61.
  2. Episode 131 to 135 is based on Post-Alabasta fillers: Once the Luffy was defeated by the crocodile and had helped to save the Alabasta kingdom after that, these episodes were shot.
  3. Episode 136 to 138 is based on the Goat Island fillers: These episodes are all about the goat and an older man. Old-man was taking care of the goat by all his heart. There it is an episode based on the exciting turns.
  4. Episode 139 to 143 is based on the beautiful Rulaka Island: In this episode, the old-man was trying o expose the secret for going to space. In this episode, the pirate was trying to rule on the straw hats on the island.
  5. Episode 196 to 206 is based on G8: The crew was trying to save the Merry just before escaping the ship from the danger. The incident is filled with full thrill and excitement.
  6. Episode 220 to 224 is all about Ocean Dreams’: Finally, the crew arrived at the water seven.
  7. Episode 225 to 226 is based on the returning of Foxy: After the ending of the Davy back fight, finally, the defeating of foxy was portrayed in this episode.
  8. Episode 326 to 335 is based The ice hunter filler: The dander was surrounding the sunny, and hunters teamed up with the pirates. Finally, the show ends with Straw Hats’ Jolly Roger is taken.
  9. Episode 382 to 384-Again at the spa island: The crew was trying to relax on the beautiful island. In the end, the island was converted into a destructive island.
  10. Episode 426 to 429 based on Little East Blue Island : Straw hat pirates reach this island and stopped Largo pirate’s evil ambitions. This arc takes place from episode 426 to 429.
  11. Episode 626 to 628-Ceasar Retrieval filler: The filler was based on the arrival of a mystery man who is climbing above. For the completion of the plans in a successful way. It is essential for pirates and the clown to work-hard together.
  12. Episode 747 to 750-Siler mine filler arcs: In this episode, Luffy and Bartolommeo were trying to escape the island through massive fortresses. The event was very mysterious.
  13. Episode 780 to 782-Marine Rookie : This arc takes place before the whole cake island arc. Straw hats out of food and now they decided to stole food from a marine base which they see on the way to getting back Sanji from Big Mom.
  14. Episode 895 to 896-Carbonic Acid King : These are the current fillers list that takes place in the series. Straw hats on the way to reach Wano but ship’s cola supply is out of stock. So they decided to refill it on the island that has a soda manufacturing plant on it.

We have discussed the top One Piece Filler List Apart from all these, the episode of Little East Blue, Z’s, Marine Rookie, Carbonic King all are some other fillers of the one-piece.

It is fascinating to go through the series that is filled with the thrill, mystery, relaxation, patience, and many more. Watching the manga of the One-piece is a fantastic choice of the viewers, the excitement is being increased day by day among the viewers. The views and the fan base are growing at an alarming rate.

The thrill and excitement One-piece is trying to put in front is a high ahead. It will release a more fantastic storyline with the best presentation in the future.


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