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YouHolder, a Ledger Vault-secured Fintech platform, Adds 10 More Cryptocurrencies

YouHolder – a Fintech platform and a member of the Swiss-based Crypto Valley Association–, have added 10 more assets, including Elrond, Filecoin, and BitTorrent.

More Coins and High-Interest Rates on Crypto Deposits

In an announcement on January 25, the fintech CeDeFi platform–that’s designed for coin holders to draw maximum benefits from crypto–, said it was adding new highly liquid tokens, some of which occupy the top-100 slots in the market capitalization leaderboard, to join the ranks of Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, YouHolder revealed that it will be the first CeDeFi platform to offer high-interest rates of up to 5.5 percent of Zilliqa (ZIL) and FTX Token (FTT) deposits. These yield rates would vary depending on the lockup period. Even still, they are significantly higher than what’s offered by most savings accounts in traditional finance.

Easy Access to DeFi and Crypto Benefits

Commenting, the CEO, Ilya Volkov, said YouHolder is adaptive and flexible. They have rolled out a fitting, easy-to-use solution for token holders, regardless of their blockchain experience, to benefit from crypto and DeFi:

“DeFi allows consumers to earn interest on their capital through farming and staking, but the process is challenging and not that user-friendly. And with staking, you need to lock two times more funds than you might want to since you need both the token and USDT.”


“We’re seeing a lot of demand for these specific projects; they have growing communities, and as a CeDeFi platform, we want to remove the burden from our users and allow them to benefit from this economy.”

YouHolder Has a Global Presence offering Various Finance Products

YouHolder is cementing its base and establishing itself as a household name, offering exciting finance products intertwined around the high-performing cryptocurrency industry. Specifically, the platform has garnered a considerable following from interested  investors drawn from over 100 countries. 

Most of them are interested in YouHolder’s crypto savings account. Through the product, users can deposit various crypto assets from their secure wallets to earn high APRs, therefore drawing maximum benefits from the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency industry. After adding supported coins, interest payments are distributed every week, deposited directly in the user’s account. 

By creating a secure platform where users can earn a decent interest from their crypto deposits, token holders can hedge their crypto portfolios satisfactorily. At the same time, as they earn high interest, users make their cryptocurrencies work for them without necessarily spending their valuable coins. 

Moreover, YouHolder has a secure portal where users can quickly exchange supported coins cheaply and instantaneously. Users can also purchase cryptocurrencies using their debit or credit cards, or straight from their SEPA bank accounts. 

User Security is a Top Priority

YouHolder has placed measures to protect user funds. With a talented in-house team ensuring the implementation of the best security measures, they also ensure all crypto card purchases are under PCI Security Standards. 

On the other hand, all cryptocurrency operations comply with the Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS). Additionally, they run regular external audits on client funds held in reputable bank accounts in Europe and Switzerland. Crypto assets are also secured by Ledger Vault—a multi-authorization self-custody management solution that has a $150 million insurance cover against losses. 

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