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Yanu, the Robot Bartender Raises over $1 Million within the First Week of its ICO Pre-Sale


Yanu’s ICO pre-sale has been live since the 10th of October this year. The soft cap of $1 million was reached within the first week of pre-sale. Albeit, most of it was amassed during the private sale of the ICO. In the early weeks of the pre-sale, Yanu tokens come with added bonuses for the investors. The pre-sale ends on 7th of November and the public sale lasts until 12th of December, 2018.

Meet Yanu

Yanu is an AI technology-backed, fully autonomous bartender that serves drinks, handles payments, identifies clients and communicates with them as well. With the use of robotics, Yanu will go around some of the persistent problems in bar business like the high labour cost, human errors, thefts, quality inconsistency, chaotic work shifts, slow service and inefficient use of workspace. With Yanu in the game, the operational efficiency of bars can be improved by up to 80%.

Yanu, the robot, has been built by an Estonian company Robolab OÜ; in cooperation with the University of Tartu. The team is a combination of personnel excelling in various disciplines, including entrepreneurs, industrial designers, engineers, scientists, sales and marketing experts.

Exploring the Arena of Scope

With a growing need for improving the efficiency of business operations and companies welcoming service robotics with open arms, Robolab is set to launch the robot into the market at just the right time. A long-term forecast issued by the International Federation of Robotics shows that the market is expected to grow, with an average growth rate of 20–25% between 2018 and 2020. The sales forecast during this period indicates a cumulative volume of €23 billion and approximately 400,000 personal service robots units sold.

Robolab closed a seed round of $650,000 from private Estonian fund earlier this year and is looking to raise $10 million by the end of 2018 through ICO and venture capital.

“For us, ICO is a great opportunity to build our global community and let retail investors be part of our growth story, plus the usage of blockchain enables us to solve several problems,” Robolab CEO, Alan Adojaan explained.

The funds raised in the sale are to be used on team expansion, scaling up of the machine production and marketing. Following an year-long research by Robolab and team, Yanu production started earlier in 2017. Presently, the team has successfully developed a functioning MVP and intends to release the first commercial robot bartender in 2019.

Investor Takeaways
Investors who participate in the ICO will be able to get a bonus based on their investment amount and investment time (30% additional bonus in the first week of the pre — ICO). Yanu tokens are ERC20 tokens that can be used to purchase beverages from Yanu robot at a substantial discount. Additionally, bar owners and entrepreneurs who wish to be one of the first to attract more clients with Yanu robot can also buy the machines with Yanu tokens.

The price of Yanu tokens during the ICO is $0.1 per token. This is also the minimum guaranteed price by Robolab of which the clients can buy beverages and Yanu machines, should the token price decrease on the open market.

Read Yanu whitepaper:
Yanu website:
Buy Yanu tokens:
For investments above $100,000 or partnership, requests contact the company’s CEO Alan Adojaan [email protected]

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