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XMR.Poker: A Platform To Play Poker Online With Complete Anonymity Using Crypto

Cryptocurrency has boomed very much lately as people are stuck in a pandemic and most without a reliable source for income. Many are looking for alternative ways to make money and crypto does just this with the perks of not having to leave the house. 

A decade ago, there were only a few notable cryptos and no one except experts knew what it was and how it functions. But, as time passed by, the idea of decentralisation started to take over conventional centralisation. 

The smoothness and effectiveness of decentralisation are exactly what the fast-moving economy and finance that exists today. But, what was created for finance is also being used today for other purposes like entertainment. 

Introducing XMR.Poker

The gaming industry is one of the first to bring about the concept of digital money. You play, you collect coins and then you use them to purchase things within the game. Within online gaming, one of the most popular ones, other than warfare, is pub and casino games like poker. 

Poker is a classic example of making money by gaming and as things go online more and more every day, poker is also very feasible to be played virtually. While having fun playing, it is also important to make sure that the platform is trustworthy because it does involve a lot of money and the players have equal chances of winning or losing. 

Giving away personal details in an online poker game is not preferred by most as it can have repercussions in the future. That is why the popular poker gaming platform Torpoker came up with its own extension XMR.Poker. XMR.POKER allows players to remain anonymous throughout the game and it uses Monero instead of BTC which is used in Torpoker. 

What is XMR.Poker?

XMR.Poker is an extension of TorPoker gaming site but built to use Monero inside rather than Bitcoin. This shift was made by addressing the high transaction fee of BTC. The game can be accessed on a browser window of choice or one can also visit the site through the Tor Browser. 

XMR.Poker lets one play No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker from their browsers with the use of Monero. The main intention of setting up this game was to allow users to play without registration and advocating the right to privacy where it is needed. One just has to provide a return address and then deposit the Monero token into the address generated on the XMR.Poker website. When a person wins at the end of a game, the winnings are transferred back to their Monero account. The entire game can be played with just their wallet address. 

The rake featured by the tables is as low as just 1% and there is no transaction fee charged throughout the site; there are fees charged by the Monero network. The base chip value on XMR.Poker is 1mXMR (1 mXMR = 0.001 XMR). 

Since anonymity is the main focus of XMR.Poker, the non-traceable transaction history of Monero fits perfectly with the policies. People can play without the fear of identity or theft. XMR.Poker utilizes Python and PyQt5 libraries which makes it compatible with any platform. Hence, either the app or the browser can be used to access the game. 

Features of XMR.Poker

As mentioned before, XMR.Poker lets one get into a poker game with absolutely no registration and thus do not have to reveal personal information. The Monero coin has non-traceable transaction history. XMR has a low rake of just one per cent which is comparatively lower than most poker sites. The funds can be withdrawn immediately with only 10 Monero confirmations that are required between the process of winning and receiving the funds. 

In addition to playing anonymously, those who want to play with their friends can rent a private server with a private URL and play without any rake. This facility of XMR.Poker provides extra security and privacy to those who do not want to play with strangers. The private server can maximise the length of gaming and also the total amount that can be lifted from losers upon winning. The algorithm used by the website is completely fair and can be fully trusted. The rake rate is just 1% thus more money can be put into the game to actually play than to waste it on fees. 

XMR.Poker is giving out a Tor Monero remote node which is available to everyone with a Monero wallet and if they want to use it anonymously over Tor, then they can do that without running their own node. 

How does XMR.Poker work? 

To play with an open-source desktop app, one has to first download the Torpoker app from the official website provided below and install it into their device. Upon installing one does not have to go through any registration or formalities and they can straight away give their Monero address and join a table. This address is to which the reward will be sent if they win. There will be an address generated by XMR.Poker and Moneros should be transferred to this address after which the player will be allowed to join tables and start playing. 

To play using the browser, visit the website and click on the play now button in the top right corner. After this, one has to follow similar procedures as in the app that is to provide the Monero address, join a table and start playing. 

To know more about XMR.Poker, visit:

The Github repo to get the open source app:

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