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Xiaomi Mint Browser launched on Google Play

Recently Xiaomi has launched its new mint browser on google play store. The new browser so-called Xiaomi Mint Browser is not just for the phones manufactured by the Xiaomi but also for the other android smartphones brands.

The new mint browser is likely to take on the other competitors like Mozilla, UC browser, Chrome and all other, and they launched it on google play so that every smartphone user can access the features of the new and low space taking of only 12 Mb.

Looking for a new web browser?

If you are looking for new web browser for your smartphone which has low RAM and memory space to handle any other bi browser then you must go for Xiaomi mint browser. This web browser is specially made for those users who use low and mid-range smartphones which have low RAM and storage to run any big application.   

The mint browser for android on google play is much similar to the Xiaomi phones inbuilt browser in terms of speed, data saver, and modern design.

Mint browser Adds New Features

Xiaomi mint browser also offers you some more interesting features like incognito mode to keep your browsing history private and hidden from others, Xiaomi inbuilt dark theme that make you feel comfortable while browsing in low light and in night. Apart from all those features you can request a desktop site view of a website to work on computer like. While browsing you can also pretend the browser to give IPhone or IPad version of the website.

Xiaomi has also added microphone button to trigger voice if you want search over internet. While typing queries over search bar it gives you option to choose whether you want google or yahoo search.

There are some pre-selected website comes up on the top of homepage when you open the Xiaomi mint browser app on your phone. You can add more of your favourite and daily used website by just tapping on the add button. However, there is also an option to delete the pre-selected website from the menu by just pressing and holding the shortcuts.

Competition in Google Play market

As we all know there are tons of different browsers available in the google play store and most of them are using the word “Lite” and “fast” to stand in the crowd. The Xiaomi launched its mint browser on Google Play store to take over the pre-existing apps which are claiming to be the faster and lighter versions in browsers.

The first browser which probably comes in our mind is UC browser, Opera, Chrome, and Mozilla when it comes in term of speed and reliability. But the problem with these lite browser is that they are not fully packed with new and advance features, even sometimes they lacks in displaying some elements of different websites.

Xiaomi Mint Browser is Ad free

In app store Xiaomi has mentioned its browser as free, fast, lite and ad free in listing, while using mint browser you will found sometimes ads coming up on your home, it means this ad-free mention from Xiaomi makes no sense. But to the extent that this browser is made for providing fast and giving a smooth web browsing experience on low-end smartphones.      


We’ve told you almost everything about the new mint browser launched on google play in a recent by Xiaomi itself to compete with the other browser which are already in the market for long time.

I must say that you should at least try it once on behalf of its features and speed. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and keep visiting our site for latest update related to tech.   



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