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With the SEC’s Sober Reminder – Bitcoin, Ripple and Ether Prices Shoot Up

With-the-SEC's-Sober-Reminder---Bitcoin,-Ripple-and-Ether-Prices-Shoot-Up (1)

The US Securities and Exchange Board (SEC) soberly reminded about the legal status of Ethereum and Bitcoin. William Hinman, SEC’s Corporate Finance Director, said that the Ethereum network, sales of this coin or present offers along with the decentralized structure are not equal to a securities transaction. Moreover, there would be a little value addition of the Bitcoin if the disclosure regime is applied to the present transactions of the Ether according to the Federal Securities Law.

Crypto Security Status clarified by SEC

Jay Clayton, SEC Chairman, said that media statements and comment of SEC employees are not legal pronouncements. These statements should not be referred to be like any decision by the SEC. He also added SEC is more than just Division of Corporate Finance, there are other departments to evaluate and modify if required, the statements and documents presented by the staffs in the light of recent development in the crypto market.

SEC is worrying about their own staff statement’s effect on the crypto market which they are planning to regulate.

In June when Hinman statement was topping the newspapers headlines, Bitcoin jumped by 6% and Ethereum by 10% within an hour.

The result of this Reminder on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Alts

The average investors are unlikely to get affected, but the institutional investors and corporates are in a dilemma as they thought that all these legalities related uncertainty are left behind.

Ripple which is already fighting five legal suits can either get boosted or completely drown by this reminder.

Hinman in his June’s statements anticipated that decentralization is the only way that can help tokens and coins not to be categorized as securities. If these are centralized, then the investor will face hard times.

XRP’s prominence made it a soft target in the eyes of those who are hesitating about the relationship of Currency to the Ripple Enterprise. With the increasing number of lawsuits against Ripple, Hinman’s words are being questioned in respect to XRP.

However, Clayton’s statement came as a relief for XRP as it shelves the matter of decentralization for now. Even if XRP gets completely decentralized, there will be a more significant need for XRP to be categorized as securities and the same goes for all other coins and tokens.

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