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Why is advisable to use VPN over Tor Browser while accessing Deep Web?


Internet has its stories and one of the most interesting one is Deep web. This is one of the mysteries that exist and also an enigma since no one knows much about deep web and how to access it. What we access over internet is merely tip of an iceberg but there are large numbers of deep web websites that can’t be accessed through search engines and that are part of deep web. Hidden from the normal internet users, this secretive network of deep web can be accessed only through specialized software or browser known as The Onion Router (TOR).

History about TOR browser

TOR project was launched specifically for secretive purposes. TOR i.e. The Onion Router has been an open source project since 2004 and was developed by US Navy. The major reason owing to which the browser was developed was it facilitated government to perform different form of operations. There are many things out there that not many people know about internet especially 5%. Not many people are aware about deep web and that’s another part of the internet which is not connected to the regular internet. If you want to know more about Deep web then you need to install and access through TOR browser.

TOR is specialized software for Deep web

TOR is a powerful browser that allows a user to access deep web secretly. Deep web has a strong appeal to shield the anonymity of user surfing it. The secretive nature of deep web can be maintained using TOR and it allows the users to access internet under a hidden umbrella known as TOR. But this secretive nature of network also made deep web, a budding ground or underground of criminals trafficking drugs to credit cards.

TOR solves your privacy concerns

TOR is software that can be used to access deep web. If private browsing doesn’t give you the kind of protection that you are looking for then TOR is definitely the right option for you. TOR is more than just a browser and provides a lot of options to configure your network. The software is used to access the global network of servers that exist and provides you the layer of privacy and security to the online activities. It does that by making more activities inside the network that makes it difficult to trace and monitor back to the source from where it has released.

Concerns about usage of TOR

There are a lot of companies that have raised concerns about deep web and many controversies associated with it. Companies are also working towards reviewing, tracking, controlling activities on deep web and even the government officials try to check the illegal stuff released on deep web and try to control the spread of this network. However, all this is quite difficult because most of the people use TOR to access deep web and it provides a lot of opportunities to configure your network and work anonymously.

How TOR can be used to access Deep web?

In order to understand about TOR, you must understand that functioning of normal internet and then you can eventually understand how internet is able to access you a website. Usually everyone is connected to Internet through an Internet Service Provider network and an IP is allocated to every user of that specific ISP. This IP is unique for every system that is connected to the ISP since it allocates the IP addresses.

TOR browser works in the system of relays and maintains the encryption in the communication. It doesn’t give your system proper DNS address and therefore keeps your identity anonymous. Due to this different networkrelays in through the network, the source and the destination are not aware about the destination and whether the packet would reach one or more destinations.

How to Download and Install TOR?

TOR is an open source tool which is available to download and install free of cost. In order to get started with TOR, you can download and install the TOR browser from online free open source project website available. The version is available for Windows, Linux and MAC OS. Once the TOR application is downloaded, you can simply click on the .exe file and follow the next steps and it will be downloaded within 2-3 minutes.

Browsing through TOR

Due to the relay system used in TOR, sometimes browsing through TOR can be slow and therefore sending data through TOR takes a lot of time. It is not like browsing normal websites in the network that can be loaded quickly. Therefore, you need to have high speed connection (100mbps) to use TOR smoothly. TOR gives you a lot of configuration options which not other browsers can give you and therefore it is advisable to use TOR.

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