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Why investors prefer to trade bitcoins

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Investors are chiefly concerned about the ROI. They are always trying to maximize the profit factors by taking rational steps. In the past, people used to buy bitcoins and hold onto the position to make a profit. To make a significant profit, investors have to place big money in the line. Due to the high volatility, it becomes a very risky investment business. If you want to learn more about the crypto industry and market volatility, you can visit Once you know the basics, you will understand why buying bitcoin is not very popular among investors. After reading this article, you will realize why it’s a thousand times better to trade bitcoin rather than buying them in big volumes.

Market volatility

The price of bitcoin is extremely volatile. Traders always look for high volatility to secure big profits. Think about the professional Forex traders. They are always trying to trade the volatile pairs so that they can ride the market trend and make a decent profit. Many reputed brokers are now offering bitcoin trading. Those who can analyze the bitcoin technical chart can easily find the perfect buying spot. Due to the high volatility, they can easily secure big profits without waiting for long periods of time. 

Leverage trading account

Leverage is a double edge sword. Those who trade Forex major pairs are getting used to a high leverage trading environment. However, if you start trading bitcoin, you don’t have to use high leverage. Reputed brokers never give you access to a high leverage account. The maximum leverage that you can use with a reputed broker is usually 1:5 or less than that. Due to the low buying power, investors don’t have to think about the emotional attachment to this market. They are always buying in small lots and thereby reducing the risk factors to a great extent.

Fundamental factors

If you trade the Forex market, you have to deal with lots of news. Most of the time, it becomes nearly impossible for traders to analyze such large scale fundamental data. The pro investors are trading bitcoins based on technical data only. They don’t have to analyze tons of fundamental data to find the perfect buying place. Never think you can make a big profit by ignoring the major cryptocurrency news. Visit bigX to keep up-to-date with all the market news. Once you learn to trade the market based on technical and fundamental data, you will be able to consider it as a much safer asset.

Predicting the major trend

The obvious trend in bitcoin is bullish. Though we have seen some major correction in the price of bitcoin over the past few years this doesn’t mean that the overall trend has changed. There is a saying in the investment industry, the trend is your friend. So, if you want to make things easier, it’s better to buy bitcoin because you will be looking for the buying opportunity only. Some advanced traders often make a big profit by shorting the BTC/USD pair with a reputed broker. For that, you must have advanced technical skills. Unless you are well equipped with the necessary technical and fundamental knowledge, you should trade in favor of the long term bullish trend.

Exchanging bitcoins

So, now you know the details of the bitcoin trading industry. Some of you might feel the urge to trade bitcoins. As some broker’s withdrawals are processed in bitcoin some of you might not know where to exchange bitcoins at a good price. This is where comes into play. They are well-reputed companies and who value their clients. However, you can also use bitcoin to purchase different products from leading companies like Microsoft, IBM, etc. What is more, the list is expanding at an exponential rate as more companies are embracing bitcoin in order  to cut down on business costs.

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