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What You Need To Become A Blockchain Developer?

Blockchain is among the latest buzz of the technology driven world and with it comes the countless opportunities for developers. As a great career, developer can bring huge sum of income. But at the same time it is challenging as this technology has many aspects that need attention. First, you need to learn them all. Market is ever changing and so are the demands of the clients. Companies and industries are working fast on the deployment of blockchain technology. This demands a separate stream of developers. If you want to become a part of it, then follow the following ways.

Step 1 – The very BASIC thing – Understand the BASICS

One of the biggest challenges with anything new are you need to get familiar with its basics. Normally you are in the middle of the journey as everything is in the practice but when something comes for the first time, a new journey starts. Know about the basics and understand the related terms that come in common and routine use. Some of the basics are –

  • Blockchain – A chain of blocks in which each block has the data of value with no central supervision. This data is cryptographically safe, secure and immutable.
  • Decentralised – There is no centralised supervised authority in blockchain.
  • Miners – User who uses the power of computation to mine for blocks.
  • Consensus Mechanism – The mechanism through which the decentralised network comes to consensus on a certain matter.
Step 2 – Learn about the blockchain process in varied industries

With cryptocurrency, blockchain has many uses in varied fields. Automotive, voting, healthcare, financial services, many fields embracing this technology to get desired results in the daily routine work. You never know which type of client and from which industry a lucrative project deal may come to you. Try to learn the process in as much as possible areas. However, a basic knowledge can work for all. Try to do things practically, for instance, if you want to do something in Bitcoin, then go to any exchange and buy some coins. No need to create an extensive, thorough portfolio, just buy a few coins to get the idea of the whole process. Since the amount is not huge, use the online wallet.

Step 3 – Go for a good blockchain coding tutorial for these reasons

It is not easy to create and maintain a public blockchain and there are number of reasons for that.

  • Reason 1 – Security
    It is a public platform visible to all. Anyone can know the code and check for vulnerabilities and bugs. Any hacker can hack and take millions of money. You need to be very smart and proficient in coding. There are no possibilities for any loopholes.
  • Reason 2 – Resource management
    It is necessary to stay equipped to handle local and remote queries. Keep pace with the network, as it is not good to fall behind and fail to meet the network demands. This becomes even more important when you are working for a client from industries like FinTech. Here, transaction of huge amount takes place on daily basis.
  • Reason 3 – Performance
    The blockchain should perform with the highest capabilities without any compromise. For that the chosen language should be versatile. Certain tasks are parallelizable while some are not. This means, with some tasks you can perform other tasks while some needs to be done individually. For instance, the signature verification you can perform other activity while transaction execution can never be parallelizable. It works on ‘one at a time’ principle to avoid common errors like double spends. In short, some languages are good in non-parallel operations while some are fit for the parallel operations. The non-parallel operations relate more to the online loans. No matter how small is the amount; whether it is about the short-term 12 month loans by direct lender or a long-term 5-year loan, the one transaction at one time is the proper thing to do.
Step 4 – Educate yourself about the smart contracts

First know the definition of smart contract – It is a computer protocol that facilitates and verifies the performance of a contract. There are some properties that should exist in a smart contract.

  • Immutability – Should be able to run through multiple nodes.
  • Deterministic – A program that gives the same output in response to an input every single time.
  • Terminable – It tells if a program has the capability to execute the related function in a time limit or not.
  • Isolated – On blockchain many people can upload a smart contract. They can contain bugs and virus. A contract that is not isolated may cause the obstruction and can hamper the whole system.
Step 5 – Stay connected

You should know what is happening around the blockchain developer field. Connect with the other developers, gain knowledge in the name of value addition and keep a grip on the latest news and activity.

When it comes to technology, latest is the love of all. Keep a pace with every recent thing that happens in the industry and learn it to achieve an unshakable success. Despite the many perceptions about the blockchain, one truth is unavoidable that is, it is the technology of future. Sooner you learn it, better you achieve as a developer. All the best.

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