What is Mozverse?

Blockchain, NFTs, and Web3 have given rise to the Metaverse, a universe of monetizable digital assets. Just like how the internet decentralized the creation and distribution of information; blockchain and web3 is creating the ability for people to create, distribute, and sell virtual assets. This includes cryptocurrencies and NFTs broadly, but also virtual goods such as virtual reality land and items within games. Since the beginning of Web3, there has been a technical barrier for any company wishing to enter the metaverse. Not every company has a web3 developer on staff, and now they don’t need to. This is where Mozverse comes in.

An Introduction to Mozverse

Mozverse helps companies enter the metaverse by giving them simple tools to help create, sell, and distribute their digital assets. Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the marketplaces to sell them on can all be created without writing a single line of code. The vision of Mozverse in a nutshell is to give companies the tools they need to start monetizing their brand and their work within the metaverse.

Decentralize the Metaverse

Despite Facebook’s rebrand to Meta, “The Metaverse” doesn’t belong to any one company. The metaverse is an aggregation of all companies and creators building virtual worlds, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies. All of this is knitted together by Web3 to form what we know of as The Metaverse. Mozverse believes that any company should be able to build an offering in the metaverse. May that be their own NFT collection, DAO, or unique app idea.


Just like how WordPress removed technical barriers for companies launching websites (Web2), Mozverse is a platform that allows companies to build in the metaverse (Web3). These Web3 based virtual worlds are becoming a popular way for companies and brands to socially engage with their audience. Global brands creating digital assets include sports companies like the UFC and NBA, as well as fashion and clothing goliaths like Prada and Adidas. Not every company has the budget to experiment with creating NFTs though. Regardless of the company and their budget, everyone should have the tools and means to contribute to the metaverse.

What Services does Mozverse Offer?

At a high level, Mozverse connects businesses to the world’s most popular blockchain platforms starting with Etheruem, Polygon, and Solana. Businesses without technical expertise can use their Smart Contract builder, or NFT collection kit to quickly experiment and create offerings inside the metaverse. For businesses who are technically inclined, the Mozverse NFT API can be used to integrate NFTs into whatever the company is already doing (art, games, content, etc). These NFTs can then be taken to other marketplaces, or sold on Mozverse’s own NFT marketplace. One thing that is great about Web3, is that the power to choose what to build and how to build it is left for the user to decide. NFTs and assets created with Mozverse can be taken anywhere.

The Mozverse Team

Mozverse was co founded and named by Danny Mozlin, a technology entrepreneur with his hands in a number of cutting edge technology sectors. Danny combines his experience with Augmented and Virtual Reality, blockchain, and brand strategies to fill a gap in emerging industries around the metaverse. It is through the efforts of Danny, Zach Hirsch (co-founder) and a team of more than 20 designers, developers, and engineers that Mozverse comes to life. They are united by the common goal of giving companies the tools they need to seamlessly build their own Web3 offerings within the metaverse.

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